Announcing Growth Capital Partnerships

Omneky’s mission is to democratize growth and we’re excited to announce our partnerships with Clear and Pipe to further this mission.

Omneky utilizes state of the art deep learning to generate personalized ads and manage advertising campaigns for a fraction of the cost of a traditional agency. We’re powering the growth of small businesses all over the US and the world that previously didn’t have access to high performance advertising.

One challenge small businesses still face is capital to finance their growth. Most small businesses don’t fit the venture capitalist profile or the requirements banks have for loans. We want to help SMBs get both the advertising and financing necessary to fuel that growth.

To that end, we’re announcing partnerships with Clear and Pipe to offer growth financing solutions for SMBs underserved by traditional financial solutions.

Clearco is the world's largest eCommerce investor, providing founders with non-dilutive capital to fund marketing and inventory.

Pipe lets businesses turn their recurring revenue into upfront capital

With Omneky and these financing solutions, there are no longer any gatekeepers to keep compelling businesses from scaling their companies. A small business looking to grow can sign up for Omneky and several of the above financing options to increase sales while limiting dilution. No longer does an ecommerce business have to choose between ads and inventory. No longer does a b2b company have to choose between generating qualified leads and hiring sales reps.

Power your growth with Omneky today!