Bentocart and Omneky: A Story of Success

Bentocart and Omneky: A Story of Success

Omneky is proud to be working with Bentocart, a YC startup operating lunch pickup spots near office buildings and neighborhood hubs in San Francisco. As with many growing companies, Bentocart struggled to get their Facebook strategy right in order to optimize performance. Then, they begun working with Omneky and in just one short month, Facebook went from a weakness to strength for Bentocart. Impressions, reach and other important statistics grew as Bentocart saw their ROAS 8x! 



Product Introduction

Bentocart operates lunch pickup spots near office buildings and neighborhood hubs. They offer meals from top restaurants and provide a curated menu daily. Bentocart separates itself from other food delivery services by easing the decision making of where to eat, and their self-pickup model reduces service costs, allowing them to pay drivers and restaurants fairly. There are also no hidden fees, creating a customer-centric approach to food delivery.


Customer Description

Before using Omneky, Bentocart had been running Facebook ads inconsistently and saw fluctuating results. They wanted to use Omneky to improve their overall ad performance, and boost results. Based on actual results from the two-week demo, they would go on to decide whether to continue using Omneky.



Bentocart’s goal is to be the premier food delivery service, providing customers and businesses alike with quality meals for low costs. In order to do so, they must overcome the current challenge of getting customers to use their service as well as offices to use their service for their catering needs.


Why Omneky?

Omneky uses its state-of-the-art AI technology to help businesses market more efficiently. Whether it be determining the best copy, image, or call to action, digital marketing can be difficult and unpredictable to a marketer. Our product both generates new ads and analyzes existing drafts to help businesses target desired audiences in the best forms of presentation possible. For our ads generation feature, the user simply inputs their campaign goals and audience, and then Omneky will suggest the most effective copies and images. For our analysis feature, Omneky suggests keywords and graphic elements that will help drive campaign KPI’s. In short, we are bringing the power of data and AI to help you drive traffic and profit. Because of the nature of our technology, ads under our management improve on a weekly basis because our product learns from the previous iteration’s statistics, truly forming an automated process from generation to analytics and then to improvements.


"What I found the most valuable with Omneky is that it streamlines the creative testing process and gets to optimal performance quickly, and provides an affordable & scalable way to continuously refresh the creatives." Joseph Lai, Bentocart Cofounder



In the first month of using Omneky, Bentocart relied on Omneky’s ads generation and analysis features to create an ad campaign including 19 ad sets. As more ads and their permanence statistics were inputted into Omneky’s own machine learning algorithms,  Bentocart’s ads got better week after week.



With Omneky’s help, Bentocart was able to increase their impressions for their ads by 10 times and increased reach by 2.5 times in their Facebook ads. The effectiveness of the ads resulted in an 8x in Bentocart’s return on ad spend. From these successes, Bentocart saw the value that optimized Facebook ads could provide and decided to continue using Omneky for future ad campaigns.


"Omneky has helped us lay a strong foundation in digital marketing by providing an affordable and effective solution in the unpredictable space of  Facebook ads. Before Omneky, we were bogged down by inconsistent Facebook ads performance, but now with their help, we can target desired audiences and grow our business with ease and confidence.” Joseph Lai, Bentocart Cofounder