Case Study: Casai

Case Study: Casai

Have you ever struggled between choosing a hotel with inflated prices or an Airbnb that just wasn’t up to standards? Mexico City-based hospitality company was founded to end that frustration. Casai prides itself on delivering its guests premium accommodations with locally sourced designs and integrated smart home technology ending the dichotomy between choosing a hotel or Airbnb. 


In October of 2020, Casai’s growth hit a new level as they closed a $48 million Series A led by Andreesen Horowitz. With this new funding, Casai had massive expectations of growth in their native market of Mexico as well as abroad. 


Shortly after closing their round, Casai partnered with Omneky to help scale their sales and take Casai to the next level.


Why Omneky:


Marketing on Facebook can be daunting, as the seemingly nebulous algorithm takes the many inputs from the creative, primary text, headline, etc., and serves it to the self-selected target market. No matter the experience behind the marketer, guesswork has always been a part of the process – until now. Partnering with Open AI, Omneky’s proprietary AI technology and platform takes the uncertainty out of digital marketing. Through clear analytics and visualization and AI-driven ad generation, Omneky is changing the way digital marketing is done and is how we have helped countless companies like Casai scale their growth.


Our platform isn’t just a general tool, it was built for you. By simply inputting goals for your campaigns, which KPI’s you want to optimize for, and keywords related to your business, Omneky will suggest effective copy and images based on the most recent conversion data.


It doesn’t just stop with the generation, thanks to our state of the art analytics dashboard, Omneky tags all creatives and copy and tags elements that positively and negatively impact varying KPI’s such as CTR and CPR so that each new creative launched is armed with new insights to create a positive feedback loop constantly increasing the performance of your ads.




Through 4 months of working together, Omneky has created:

  • 5+ unique campaigns for various countries
  • 50+ Ad Sets
  • Over 300+ unique ads

Thanks to Omneky’s game-changing platform and expert account management & auxiliary services these campaigns generated the following results:

  • Achieved a 3.01 Return Ad Spend (compared to 0.29 previously)*
  • Decreased cost per purchase by 66%*
  • Reached 860,000+ on Facebook + Instagram Ads

* compared to non-Omnkey purchase driven campaigns for their whole lifetime