Modern Crew

Modern Crew is an India based men’s underwear brand that strives to create luxurious products at a fair and affordable price. After witnessing the stagnancy of the innerwear segment, Modern Crew was determined to create a game changing product. The result? High quality men’s underwear created from the best materials into an elegant design for the best fitting and most comfortable product. All at affordable prices. Modern Crew is truly the innerwear brand for the modern man. To continue cultivating their business and delighting customers with innovative innerwear, effective digital marketing was the next step. Hoping to take the guesswork out of marketing, they decided to partner with Omneky to create personalized ads at scale.

Effective Marketing

Omneky’s sophisticated AI technology allows businesses to better target their desired audience through personalized and carefully curated ads more likely to appeal to their base. Our AI takes the uncertainty out of marketing by generating copious amounts of new ads and examining existing drafts, testing the ads in the field and selecting the best and most effective.

    Omneky’s AI Technology

    For our ads generation feature, the user simply inputs their campaign goals and audience, and then Omneky will suggest the most effective copies and images. For our analysis feature, Omneky suggests keywords and graphic elements that will help drive campaign KPI’s. The best part? Our product improves ads on a weekly basis by learning from previous iteration’s statistics as they are tested in the field. Omneky allows for a foolproof automated process from generation to analytics to improvements through the power of raw data and AI learning, making for a more efficient and effective campaign.

    What We Achieved

    After 4 weeks working together, Omneky was able to Profitably increase budget by

    73% Decrease cost/purchase by 15.2%

    Increase average return on ad spend by 123%

    *compared to performance 1 month prior to partnering with Omneky