Case Study: Shopping Live

Case Study: Shopping Live

Welcome to Shopping Live, the best way to shop in Russia. With the #1 rated tv shop in the country, Shopping Live advertises and demonstrates its products on air. 


They launched in 2010 and are a wildly successful company. But they recognized the pull of social media: it’s the fastest growing medium of marketing.


So they turned to us. 


Why Omneky? 


Determining the best copy, image, or call to action can be subjective and unpredictable. Which color invites more clicks? Who identified with “x” phrase? How many different types of ads are ideal?


Enter Omneky. Automating the advertising process to produce hundreds of ads in a matter of minutes, based on real data and bringing real results.


Using cutting edge AI, our platform analyzes how your target audience behaves and uses that to optimize existing ads and generate new ones. Omneky comes up with the copy, images, and call-to-actions based on collected data, eliminating the guesswork in advertising.


See notable profit returns and drive up traffic significantly with ads that actually achieve your KPIs. Because our technology utilizes machine-learning, all our ads are updated and improved consistently.




Which demographic shops the most? Women. 


Our ads automatically targeted those consumers with creatives displaying Shopping Live’s products and fashionable models accompanied with catchy text. 


In 2 weeks, Shopping Live has seen:


198x ROAS (Return on Ad Spend)

85,226 Impressions

853 Purchases


Shopping Live made 5,990,068 in sales due to our ads. With their ongoing campaigns, the numbers are bound to go up.