Spicin creates and sells gourmet hot sauces, condiments, salsas, spices, snacks, and drink mixes using all-natural ingredients, as well as providing many organic and non GMO products. The key to their award winning sauces is producing them in micro-batches using their state-of-the-art equipment to create high quality and delicious products every time. Although their products can be found in countless grocery stores, restaurants, and household pantries across the United States, they wanted to unlock the potential of their e-commerce website through digital advertising. After a thorough search, they partnered with Omneky to take the guesswork out of marketing, build upon their successes, and take their company to the next level.

Effective Marketing

Digital marketing can be very challenging from selecting the best image to determining the most effective call to action. Omneky’s innovative AI technology takes the guesswork out of marketing by producing a plethora of personalized ads that better target the company’s desired audience while analyzing existing drafts in the field, ultimately selecting the best and most effective. 


For our ads generation feature, the user simply inputs their campaign goals and audience, and then Omneky will suggest the most effective copies and images. 

    Omneky’s AI Technology

    For our analysis feature, Omneky suggests keywords and graphic elements that will help drive campaign KPI’s. Furthermore, due to the nature of data and AI learning, the ads generated by our technology improve each week, as the AI learns from previous iteration’s statistics. As a result, Omneky allows for an extremely effective and efficient automated process from generation to analytics to improvements through the power of raw data and AI learning.

    In just 8 weeks, we achieved...
    Reach people through Facebook & Instagram ads
    Achieve an average return on ad spend
    In just 8 weeks, we achieved...
    Reach people through Facebook & Instagram ads
    Achieve an average return on ad spend
    What We Achieved

    After 8 weeks of working together, Omneky was able to:

    • Reach 90,000+ people through Facebook & Instagram ads
    • Achieve an average return on ad spend of 1.90x
    • Turn ads into a profit center With Omneky

    Spicin was able to discover new customers and grow their business profitably.

    We are proud to support small businesses and we are thrilled to be able to provide design and advertising tools at a price point that allows businesses of all sizes to take advantage of cutting edge digital marketing technology to grow their business.