Data-Backed Creative and Mathematical Certainty: Generating Ads through AI

Data-Backed Creative and Mathematical Certainty: Generating Ads through AI

Data-Backed Creative and Mathematical Certainty: Generating Ads through AI


The work of a marketer is not easy. For a single client, there can be multiple personas, hundreds of known preferences (even more unknown), and thousands of data points. The difficulty is synthesizing all these figures into a coherent narrative that sells. The traditional approach to this complexity, human intuition, has stammered, leaving marketers no choice but to cozy up with data.


At Omneky, we want you to realize that AI can transform the way you create. Using your own or your client’s historical data, an AI tool like Omneky can put you on the path to understanding the complex interplay of personas, preferences, and performance indicators. Then, you can deploy creative with confidence not possible by the traditional methods of gut instinct.


By reading this post, we want you to know that AI-analyzed ads increase confidence and certainty because they are based on effective personas. These personas are created from historical campaign data and expressed in data-backed preferences marketers can use to create smarter and sell more.


Confidence in Creative by the Numbers


Nearly half of consumers are more likely to consider a personalized offer. The process of personalization requires that understanding of the interplay of personas, preferences, and performance indicators we introduced.


Yet, only 15% of marketers say they are highly effective with personas. Shall we safely assume that the remaining 85% of marketers are not confident that an ad will work to sell and convert because they are not effective with personas?


While this may lead some to pause, confidence can be restored just in the realization that personalized offers remain statistically more effective. The key to unlocking this confidence in your campaign is a matter of understanding personas and preferences through performance indicators.


We know the reason that specific personas sell more is because they are backed by ethnographic research, analytics, demographic statistics, and historical data. The use of such backed personas and AI-analyzed ads can lead to a huge boost in certainty for advertisers and marketers.


Creating with Certainty through AI


But, how do marketers understand the big three (personas, preferences, and performance indicators) in time for their next pressing project? The secret may be complementing their human intuition and gut instinct for good marketing with an AI tool like Omneky that uses an algorithmic and statistical process to capture insight.


Computer vision and natural language processing, for example, allow AI to understand your past and proposed ads in comparison to your historical campaign data. That is, it understands your ads not just as any person might, but rather as your specific persona does.


Personas and preferences are created in dialogue with your performance indicators in order to create copy and ads that are backed by solid data. Through them, you can not only confidently create, but you can dependably predict ad performance. Mathematical certainty like this has never before been possible for the marketer.


Gaining confidence and certainty, however, presents a problem for marketers who exist on teams without recourse to speedy AI processing. They will need to spend some time getting cozy with their data or else they will never feel the certainty of an AI-analyzed ad.

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