If Facebook Ads Are “Automated”

If Facebook Ads Are “Automated”

If Facebook Ads Are “Automated,”

What Does This Mean For Performance Marketing?


Optimizing ads for dozens of personas, hundreds of preferences, and thousands of people often require a little help. The process of automating a Facebook ad, however, is not itself automatic. Most marketers will need to put many hours into understanding Facebook’s automation techniques and their own market before scheduling a post to work “automatically.”


Omneky wants you to embrace Facebook ad automation and transform your process the smart way. Using your historical campaign data alongside an intelligent tool like Omneky will put you ahead of the curve for selling your product or service more quickly and easily.


In this post, you can learn why automation can and should be used in combination with an intelligent, evaluation tool. Both in testing and in design, the success of these evaluation tools has proven to be statistically significant.


Complementing Automation with AI


While most marketers are often looking for ways to automate and save time, adoption of automated ads on Facebook can seem too futuristic to be true. While it doesn’t write the copy for you, it stands to reason that ads optimized by Facebook would make gains in efficiency. And, some attempts suggest that these automated ads are effective.


The process is simple enough. Facebook asks you questions and creates a campaign for your business based on your responses. But, you still have to come up with copy, a user experience through a URL and know the best targeting criteria for your ad.


If a marketer wants to truly automate and increase conversion, a tool should also be used to determine an ad’s copy and images based on sufficient historical data prior to launch. Automation, for example, does not choose images which account for up to 90% of your ad’s success. A choice of language input and images backed by AI-processed historical data would specifically increase the chance of success at converting buying behavior and persona exploiting preferences.


After you select data-backed copy and images for your ad, the ad appears in the ad manager so you can measure its success and relevance for your audience. This also means the ad will contribute to your organization’s growing historical campaign data, which brings up another reason AI and automation mesh so well.


Overcoming Design and Data Overload


In combination, Facebook’s automated ads and AI tools like Omneky can catapult your business past the problem of big data. Ad campaigns are costly, and ad design features and variations are immense. Algorithmic optimizations developed by Facebook and AI based on historical data can create ads with unmatched insight.


This is especially true in light of recent changes to Facebook’s internal metrics which are likely to increase data points considerably. In addition to offering automated ads, Facebook is offering two more indicators of ad performance which means marketers will now have to consider three times the amount of data when calculating relevance.


While automation itself is underused as a marketing tool, adding an automated and evaluative tool to your workflow could increase success. Automation alone is helpful, but it still does not address the need for creatives to use data in their ad copy as well as design features according to historical persona preferences.


Without straining human teams with additional data, these tools actually produce insights and predict performance on their own. With an evaluative tool that can predict ad performance prior to launch, those like Omneky are able to bring even more science and mathematical certainty to the advertising process.


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