What is Artificial Intelligence Marketing?

What is Artificial Intelligence Marketing?

What is Artificial Intelligence Marketing?

You already know what marketing demands. You know how important it is to know your subject, product, and your audience's preferences. You already know your purpose. Your purpose is to sell the product or service by getting your audience to pay attention. And you know all the principles of getting the reader beyond their doubts. But, today, we must go further.


Artificial intelligence marketing is an extension of the human element. It takes the creativity of the traditional marketing process and adds mathematical certainty. It has the ability to process thousands of ads, blog posts or webpages in an instant. Then, machine learning can predict campaign outcomes. Imagine a fortune teller with the insight of a tireless data scientist.


How is this possible? It does this through a combination of computer vision and natural language processing. Both features allow machines to understand your intent, audience, and service. Think of Google Assistant. Search engines already use this technology. In content marketing, we must harness these valuable insights and predictive analytics.


What artificial intelligence marketing is not.


AI marketing is not about marketing automation. Rather, it is digital marketing at its best. It personalizes the entire digital experience more than a sleepless human team can. It understands user preferences and historical attitudes with scientific precision. This way, your users always get relevant content from their favorite content creators. It makes for an effective marketing experience that encourages them to buy.


But, how does artificial intelligence work? And, what is the current state of AI advertising? What is possible for content creation and content curation today?


AI in Advertising Today


The current state of advertising with AI is best explained by dispelling a myth. Artificial intelligence is not going to replace marketers. It's not going to automate and annihilate the jobs that people rely on to make a living. But, it is going to set a new standard for personalized content.


Facebook Messenger, Google Photos, Google Analytics, and the Microsoft Corporation already use AI. They deploy it in products as well as in their marketing solutions. They deliver features, services, and special content they know specific customers want. This is through in-app experiences, email marketing, and virtual assistants.


You too can harness cognitive computing with recognition software and personalized recommendations. From them, you can curate content and create content for various marketing applications.


What Artificial Intelligence Can Do


So, what is AI able to do in advertising? At present, AI is able to see through object recognition and visual recognition. (We encounter this in products like Google Lens.) Like IBM Watson, it's also able to understand through machine learning tools like NLP. In the marketing context, this is enough for digital marketers. They can easily influence marketing initiatives and delight potential clients. (No facial recognition needed.)


A strategic tool with accurate predictions and accurate insights offers a competitive advantage. This is true in both ad and email content. They are like intelligent chatbots that are able to personalize website visits. AI creates personalized emails as well as ads for specific personas and preferences.


Let's move toward the marketing stack. Next in this blog post, consider AI solutions for the savvy marketer to deploy today.


Artificial Intelligence Advertising Solutions


Artificial intelligence marketing tools and ideas are not hard to come by. There are many companies that use AI (like Facebook). Many specialize in personalization through predictive analytics (like Omneky). As marketing platforms, there are tools like Astro, Clara, Cortex, and many others. But, they all rely on the same three basic solutions:


  1. Computer Vision

  2. Natural Language Processing (NLP)

  3. Intelligent Analysis


Through computer vision, AI sees and analyzes an ad for effectiveness. NLP processes language to understand the effect different phrases have on their segments. Finally, intelligent analysis fuses the insights of language and visual recognition. It produces valuable insights about effective marketing for the given audience and product.


One specific approach to AI marketing helps content creators produce relevant content. It offers marketing tools for personalized content. (And, personal content creation has never been so important!)


Artificial Intelligence Marketing by Omneky


Omneky’s approach to marketing uses the three mentioned tools of all AI companies. But, its marketing applications are as specific as its digital marketing insights. Omneky specializes in Facebook ad data. It's the perfect tool for predictive analytics and prescriptive insights in this space.


Again, Omneky does not specialize in marketing automation. Rather, it's an approach to content marketing like a search engine. It can understand human intents. And, it knows what it will take to deliver a satisfying, personalized experience.


Using computer vision and NLP, Omneky predicts the outcome of an ad. And, it offers help in refining it for the greatest possible reach and effectiveness.


Why We Need Artificial Intelligence


It's helpful to have Google Assistant, Facebook Messenger, and the Microsoft Corporation. They deliver personalization all linked up to their own brand of AI. But, why do we need artificial intelligence like Omneky in marketing?


The marketing world heads for a very human crisis. Marketing managers are losing to their C-suite peers at an increasing rate. Budgets are threatened, and our position at the table is in jeopardy. Also, few marketers use personas, making the pressure to personalize that much harder.


If that weren't enough, consumer data piles up. And, the process of gaining insight from mountains of statistical points remains slow. Finally, there's the noise. Thousands of campaigns launch everyday. Getting attention has never been more competitive.


AI helps us cut through the noise of thousands of campaigns with a click. You can finally mine your customer personas and historical campaign data. Then, deliver appropriate and needed insight for your next campaign. Using tools like Omneky, you can even understand the strength of your ad before you spend a single ad dollar.


AI is helping us stay relevant in a world that demands mathematical certainty. Before it invests in costly campaigns and pricey service suites, it wants to know it works. If you're a marketer looking for insights you can act on, try Omneky. It's a tool that's easy to use and that helps you save time and money while creating the next viral hit. Demo Omneky today.

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