Generate Product Images In Seconds Using
Product Generation Pro

Omneky can now generate infinite product placement shots based on a few example images.

Gone are the days of expensive photo shoots

No more expensive and time-consuming photo shoots. Now any customer can generate the perfect product shot with just a few examples of their product.

Showcase your product in any setting or perspective instantly

Train an AI model of your product using Omneky’s Product Generation Pro feature. Generate product placements from any angle in any environment, even people using it, in minutes.

Train AI On
Your Product

Generate in
Any Setting

Showcase People
Using the Product

Get Started with Product Generation Pro

1. Upload Images

Upload at least 5 images with 512 x 512 resolution for best results.

2. Name the Product

Name the product for which you are generating images.

3. Add a one-word Description

Describe your product in a single word to assist Omneky’s AI.

4. Train the System

Once the images are uploaded and named, the system will automatically start training and analyzing the images using machine learning algorithms.

5. Generate New Images

After the system has finished training, you can generate new product images. Select the product name and key in a prompt to generate the new product images.

6. Beautiful Ads

Get beautiful ads designed for optimal performance.

Get beautiful ads designed for optimal performance

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