increase in reach


increase in sales qualified leads


decrease in cost/sales qualified leads

Meet Makeen

Makeen Technologies provides end-to-end technology solutions for its clients, from improving business flow to building innovative platforms and apps to utilizing data to better understand customers. To tackle the client’s problem or challenge, Makeen connects the business to the appropriate resources within its vast network of vetted and skilled experts. From there, the specialists transform the client’s ideas into products and provide end-to-end management and support. Due to the diversity of resources at their fingertips, there is truly no challenge out of Makeen’s reach. To build on their successes and truly scale Makeen to the next level, effective marketing was the next piece of the puzzle. With market disruption central to their approach, they partnered with Omneky to use the power of AI to create personalized ads at scale.


Effective Marketing

Omneky’s sophisticated AI technology takes the uncertainty out of marketing. As a result, our campaigns are more effective and cost efficient. From determining the best copy, image, or call to action, digital marketing can be difficult and unpredictable to a marketer. Our product generates countless new ads while analyzing existing drafts, allowing businesses to better target desired audiences through personalized ads more likely to appeal to their customers.

For our ads generation feature, the user simply inputs their campaign goals and audience, and then Omneky will suggest the most effective copies and images.


Omneky’s AI Technology

For our analysis feature, Omneky suggests keywords and graphic elements that will help drive campaign KPI’s. All in all, we harness the power of data and AI to propel traffic and profit. Furthermore, our technology improves ads on a weekly basis by learning from previous iteration’s statistics. Truly, Omneky’s product forms a foolproof automated process from generation to analytics to improvements through raw data and AI learning.


What We Achieved

By A/B testing thousands of different creative and copy combinations, we were able to optimize not only for the lowest cost leads but also the highest value ones. With better lead optimization, Makeen was able to scale their budget 8x while continuing to improve performance in as little as six months. We achieved: 

  • 6.3x increase in reach
  • 4.2x Increase in sales qualified leads
  • 8.5% decrease in cost per qualified lead

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