increase in reach


decrease in cost per result


increase in marketing qualified leads

Meet 1Build

Helping contractors form realistic cost estimates, 1build gives construction companies an edge to win bids and projects. It takes hours of research and countless trials-and-error to estimate costs. 1build streamlines the pricing process by using data-backed insights, software, and a team of experts to create accurate estimates and mockups quickly. 1build had an inconsistent Facebook ad strategy and saw fluctuating results. They hoped Omneky would improve their overall ad performance. To become the premier marketplace between contractors and cost-estimators, 1build needed to get more contractors on their platform.


Effective Marketing

Determining the best copy, image, or call to action can be subjective and unpredictable. Which color invites more clicks? Who identified with “x” phrase? How many different types of ads are ideal?

Enter Omneky. Automating the advertising process to produce hundreds of ads in a matter of minutes, based on real data and bringing real results.


Omneky’s AI Technology

Using cutting edge AI, our platform analyzes how your target audience behaves and uses that to optimize existing ads and generate new ones. Omneky comes up with the copy, images, and call-to-actions based on collected data, eliminating the guesswork in advertising. See notable profit returns and drive up traffic significantly with ads that actually achieve your KPIs. Because our technology utilizes machine-learning, all our ads are updated and improved consistently.


What We Achieved

After their free trial and a month of using Omneky, their ads saw:

  • 367% increase in reach
  • 92% decrease in cost per lead
  • 632% increase in marketing qualified leads

(Compared to the same period month over month pre-Omneky)

Happy with the increase in their target audience of contractors, 1build is continuing to use Omneky for future campaigns.

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