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Meet Bjorem Speech

Bjorem Speech is an innovative company that works to empower children's learning capabilities through easily understandable language products. Bjorem was created by speech therapists to help children easily learn how to speak and understand complex language. Founder Jennie Bjorem brought her flagship product – Bjorem Speech Sound Cue Cards – to market in 2017 and has been operating on Shopify since. Bjorem has expanded its product line to books and assessments among other things. As they continue to grow, Bjorem needed a partner to help them establish methods for marketing and scale their e-commerce business to the next level. That’s where Omneky comes in.


Effective Marketing

When companies start running Facebook Ads, they find the process to be extremely challenging. They must determine key drivers, come up with headline and description text, design their own ads, and the list goes on. On top of all this, to be successful they must understand the Facebook algorithm deeply to take advantage of it and build successful campaigns.Omneky is built for this challenge.

Omneky's experience with over 50 Shopify-based e-commerce brands means that our AI technology and account management team can quickly and effectively integrate the Shopify platform to efficiently launch digital advertising campaigns. What seemed like an impossible task, is now as simple as can be. Omneky can do this by providing companies with its state-of-the-art platform. Simply input campaign goals, KPIs, and keywords related to your business; then Omneky will suggest effective copy and images based on the most recent conversion data.


Omneky’s AI Technology

Not only does Omneky generate successful ads, thanks to our advanced analytics dashboard, Omneky will tag all creatives and copy automatically. With this, you can see elements that positively and negatively impact varying KPI’s such as CTR and CPR so that each new creative is launched armed with new insights to create a positive feedback loop which constantly increases the performance of your ads.


What We Achieved

Over 7 months of working to develop a successful Facebook strategy for Bjorem Speech, Omneky has achieved the following results:

  • Over 1,500 Purchases
  • 4.05 Return on Ad Spend (ROAS)

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