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The domestic services industry has been the same for years: workers rely on word of mouth to find new clients. And they face unstable wages and hours. There’s no contract, and no regular flow of new business. SweepSouth aims to change that. This South African company uses an app and website to connect homeowners and workers. SweepSouth is innovating a stagnant field, lowering unemployment rates, and empowering domestic workers. It’s never been easier to take care of your home. With the onset of COVID, the domestic service industry was hit particularly hard. SweepSouth needed to reach more of their target consumers in order to support the livelihood of their employees.


Effective Marketing

Marketing on Facebook can be daunting, as the seemingly nebulous algorithm takes the many inputs from the creative, primary text, headline, etc., and serves it to a self-selected target market. No matter the experience behind the marketer, guesswork has always been a part of the process – until now. Partnering with Open AI, Omneky’s proprietary AI technology and platform takes the uncertainty out of digital marketing. Through clear analytics, visualization and AI-driven ad generation, Omneky is changing the way digital marketing is done and has helped countless companies like SweepSouth scale their growth.


Omneky’s AI Technology

Using cutting edge AI, our platform analyzes how your target audience behaves and uses that to optimize existing ads and generate new ones. Omneky comes up with the copy, images, and call-to-actions based on collected data, eliminating the guesswork in advertising. See notable profit returns and drive up traffic significantly with ads that actually achieve your KPIs. Because our technology utilizes machine learning, all our ads are updated and improved consistently.


What We Achieved

SweepSouth used our services to produce Facebook and Instagram Ads. Our team of designers and deep learning algorithms produced content with imagery relevant to the domestic industry: clean household interiors. . After 4 weeks, SweepSouth saw:

  • 6.68x ROAS
  • 156% increase in sales

We love seeing great results and satisfied customers! And our AI helps us achieve this consistently.

In just 4 weeks, we achieved

Increase in sales month/month

Return on Ad Spend (ROAS)