Using FB ads and Omneky’s AI platform, MeetKai increased page engagements 24x, building a strong audience prior to launching their product.

MeetKai is a company at the forefront of the conversational AI revolution in MarTech, offering a SaaS product built to curate and personalize query results based on users' preferences and personalities. Using cutting-edge AI technology, MeetKai's bluebird is programmed for proactive communication and answers customers at the point of need.    

MeetKai wanted to leverage paid social to build an audience pre-launch, but delivering ads across 5 countries in 5 different languages proved a hefty burden.


After integrating MeetKai's asset library with the Omneky platform, Omneky used computer vision to identify how numerous text and image ad features correlated with impressions. Omneky's analytics dashboard functioned as a database for account managers and designers to obtain information when planning MeetKai's advertising strategy. This information helped Omneky develop a framework for making high-performing ads. Two of the most common strategies Omneky designers would employ were:

  1. Mimicking the design of MeetKai's top-performing ads with minor data-informed tweaks.
  2. Identifying patterns in other Omneky SaaS customers' top ads and using them as inspiration for MeetKai ads.

A platform built on a highly effective ML model, Omenky gathered the necessary information for MeetKai to deliver personalized content to their customers. MeetKai found Omneky's analytics platform especially useful because they didn't have first-party data on their customers as a pre-launch product. With Omneky's data-driven consumer insights, MeetKai is poised to have a competitive advantage when they launch.


The Omneky team is incredibly passionate about the idea of quantifying design. Not only do designers pay close attention to the specific features of image and video ads that receive high impressions and CTR's, but Omneky's dashboard analyzes the % of total ad spend on those features, allowing designers to quickly identify underutilized features. For example, MeetKai's video ads had significantly higher CTR's (some weeks >15% increase) and many more impressions than image ads. Yet, only 50% of spend was on video ads. Omneky acted on this priceless insight by significantly increasing the number of video ads and consequently % of spend on video ads.

As hinted at in the previous example, the real point of difference with Omneky is the depth of analysis. Here were a few of the game-changing insights that Omneky's platform provided MeetKai with:

  • A dominant color of yellow is associated with MeetKai's top-performing US ads.
  • Video ads that were <10 seconds in length correlated with a 16% increase in CTR
  • The Indonesian phrase "Gunakan Suaramu," translating to use your voice in English, correlated with a 12% increase in CTR

MeetKai has a global social media following and wanted to advertise in 5 different languages across 5 countries. Omneky's prediction tool, running regression analysis on text and media features to predict their effect on impressions, helped identify ad features that might have been "lost in translation."

Ads with specific CTA's, strong headlines, and engaging copy had high impressions in the Indonesian market ("Gunakan Suaramu" is an example), while ads that showed iPhone images, text messages, and clean UI seized the spotlight in the US market. MeetKai found Omneky's ability to understand and predict their customers' language preferences in real-time as especially useful, as Omneky saved MeetKai 5x the time of a typical customer who only advertises in one language.

Studying the underlying features behind successful ads is invaluable to Omneky's process, but generating ads at scale based on these insights is where Omneky's fundamental value proposition really comes through. Omneky rapidly iterated and tested thousands of creatives to make the kinds of subtle changes needed to personalize content for different MeetKai audiences.

Omneky generates new ads based on learned patterns to guarantee success

Omneky's dashboard is by itself a full-scale analytics product, helping marketers track the impact of the words and phrases that comprise ad copy. The generate platform builds on the work of the analytics dashboard, tapping into the true purpose of deep generative modeling by creating new authentic ads based on learned patterns in the data. When advertising in multiple languages like MeetKai, finding language/market fit is essential to achieving a high ROAS. Omneky performed hyper-personalized A/B testing on body and headline copy, using GPT-3 to help MeetKai achieve language/market fit. With GPT-3, account managers had a tool that they could use to make specific copy changes requested by MeetKai on-demand. Additionally, the automated marketing copy produced by GPT-3 improves as Omneky generates more ads (increasing the amount of training data improves the quality of the model). By combining human creativity with data-driven algorithms, Omneky maximized the impact that MeetKai's content had on customers.

Customer is King

Having a third-party advertising platform manage your ads account might come with some concerns, and that's why Omneky created an approval dashboard to make sure customers have complete transparency. Occasionally, MeetKai wanted specific copy changes for branding purposes and alterations when the text didn't convey their desired tone. Omneky's approval dashboard allowed MeetKai to add feedback to any ads in the batches produced weekly. Using Omneky's video annotation feature, MeetKai was also able to screengrab the exact moment in a video ad where they wanted changes. The Omneky team often made the edits within hours of being provided feedback. When the ads were to their liking, a simple click of the approve button indicated that the ad was ready to be delivered. This kind of infrastructure proved beneficial long-term, allowing multiple design reps to work on MeetKai creative with no friction in the transition process.


As a small business looking for "hockey stick growth," you might feel intimidated upon learning how expensive it is to compete for attention on online advertising platforms. MeetKai understood that they weren't going to market to build an advertising business. They allowed Omneky to focus on advertising while they worked on more important things like solving core product problems and leveling up engineering teams. Whether it was the type of media, color scheme, or powerful CTA that resonated with a particular audience, Omneky's robust analytics platform discovered invaluable insights for MeetKai. To recap, here were a few of Omneky's key findings:

  • Yellow color scheme for impressions
  • <10 seconds ➔  16% boost in CTR
  • "Gunakan Suaramu” ➔  16% boost in CTR
  • Video ads over image ads

Ultimately, Omneky's product highlights the power of marketing automation, saving customers up to 10x in marketing costs and doing the work of multiple full-time hires, all while guaranteeing incredible results! Just ask MeetKai!

  • 50x expanded reach on page likes
  • 24x increase in page engagements
  • 43% decrease cost/lead
  • Advertised in 5 languages to 5 markets (5x a normal Omneky customer)

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