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Meet Torii Homes

Torii Homes is a modern home search platform that combines technology and exceptional customer service for a personalized and stress-free home buying experience. Torii’s core product offer provides tools that make it easy to personalize your home search, schedule showings, place offers and get expert guidance.

Not only is Torii Homes self-service, but also offers an array of white glove services to guide customers through a successful closing. Moving onto the social advertising space posed a challenge for Torii as they attempted to convey multiple services across multiple target audiences. Enter Omenky!


Effective Marketing

While advertising on social platforms previous to Omneky, Torii homes experienced skyrocketing cost per leads that made them question whether paid advertising was essential to their marketing efforts. On top of that, creative production posed an issue as Torii had not invested in building out in-house creative capabilities up to that point.


Omneky’s AI Technology

When Torii partnered with Omneky, we quickly went to work tackling the problem. Omneky was able to take advantage of a multi-channel approach through Facebook and Google to properly target prospecting homebuyers in the Massachusetts, New Hampshire, and Northern California areas. Then, through personalized creative, Omneky was able to tap into multiple audiences, transcending age groups and segmentation


What We Achieved

Through Omneky, Torii Homes was able to:

  • Decrease cost per lead by 84.9% on Facebook
  • Decrease cost per lead by 80.1% on Google
  • Increase leads by over 27x

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