5 Ways Marketers Can Use AI To Maximize Their Facebook Ad Performance

In 2023 AI is all anyone can talk about. Businesses are moving fast to find ways to use AI solutions to solve all of their needs and individuals are learning just how much time it can save throughout their work and personal lives. One area AI has the potential to be the most useful is advertising. Facebook advertisers are always looking for ways to test and improve performance, especially given the performance drop seen since the IOS 14 changes. Luckily there are tons of opportunities for brands to maximize their ad results using AI. Here are Omneky’s top 5 ways to improve Facebook ad performance:

  1. Create AI-Powered ad creative: There are many ways to create content with AI. Dalle can help create images and ChatGPT helps create copy. Omneky brings all of these technologies together enabling brands to create ad ideas backed by performance data and then quickly generate concepts. Omneky’s creator team then works with brands to create high-quality, brand-compliant finished ad creative. 
  2. Utilize AI-driven Audience Targeting: Facebook has released new campaign types such as Advantage+ Shopping (AdvantagePlus) which allow eCommerce companies to automatically distribute ads based on the FB algorithm if they have a shopping catalog. This means no audience targeting is necessary. Generally, eCommerce brands that use AdvantagePlus have a 12% lower cost/purchase than those that use manual campaigns.

    One situation where you should not use AdvantagePlus is if your brand is a very niche product. Automated targeting may not be a good match if your niche audience is available for targeting manually.
  1. Leverage AI-driven Creative Optimization: using AI to help discover performance trends across your creative should be considered the bare minimum. Performance data can help quantify what elements in an image or video make it work. The example below shows that using an illustration in an Omneky video ad decreases the Cost Per Lead by ~6%. This helps marketers create more effective data-driven ad content. Omneky provides creative analytics by integrating with Facebook (and many other ad platforms) and uses machine learning to determine trends across creative winners and underperformers.
  1. Utilize AI-driven Budget Optimization: Campaign Budget Optimization (CBO) is an AI-driven budget distribution strategy that automatically places budget across adsets or audiences within a campaign. It can help marketers maximize ad performance by automatically adjusting budgets based on user engagement and other factors. Advertisers that use CBO have a lower cost/result on average. Brands that partner with Omneky have an expert campaign manager that helps to optimize campaigns and deploy capital most effectively.

    Adset budget optimization (ABO) is also a powerful tool that can often be better suited to specific and intentional testing as it offers greater budget distribution control for advertisers.
  1. Test AI-driven Ad Copy: many tools provide solutions for ad copy creation and make it a quick and easy way to test copy to improve performance. One big differentiator for Omneky is that our platform is one of the only solutions that brings ad performance data into the process. Omneky helps you test more copy across your images, videos, headlines, and descriptions.

    Omneky’s team also uses a dynamic copy approach where up to 5 headlines and descriptions are tested on every single ad creative at any point in time. This also helps take advantage of Facebook’s AI copy-matching algorithm where headlines and descriptions are matched to the end user increasing the likelihood they will convert.

Using AI for advertising will help brands across all industries and their goals, be more successful. Omneky brings all of the latest technologies together into an all-in-one solution for maximizing ad performance. Omneky offers a service to create and run ads, a platform to analyze performance data, creative insights, generate AI-powered ad concepts and briefs, and a dashboard to coordinate content approvals. Schedule a demo today to learn more about Omneky!

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