Generate Personalized
Creative Briefs

Omneky Platform UI showcasing creative brief generation tool
 Omneky's procces for AI Avatars, adding logo and copy

Orchestrate omnichannel personalized experiences

Omneky's AI-Powered solution Omneky allows you to generate personalized marketing campaigns with a unified brand voice using AI-powered briefs, trained on your style guide, customer data, and more. It ensures brand consistency across all platforms while guaranteeing data confidentiality and security allows you to generate thousands of personalized marketing assets, scaling your production in a fraction of the time, with a unified brand voice.

Unlock creativity with our
AI-powered briefs

Train Omneky’s AI on your style guide, product catalogs, customer data, and brand identity in seconds. Omneky scans your website, recent news articles, and more to use in generating personalized creative for different audiences, while remaining on brand.

Perzonalized generation of Creative Brief and moodboard with brand assets, brand voice
Omneky's Creative Brief Perzonalizable settings

Generate a brief based
on your unique brand voice

Creative Brief allows you to generate full marketing briefs, while maintaining a unified brand identity across all channels, that is personalized for your target audiences.

Protect your company’s
brand and data

Maintain brand consistency across all platforms - generate omnichannel strategies across various channels, all while guaranteeing the security of your brand. Rest assured, your data remains confidential and secure.

Content brand secure being scaned

Powered by Omneky’s Brand LLM

Omneky's LLM enables marketing and creative teams to generate personalized creative
faster, more securely, and at scale all while fully aligning with a company's brand.

Speed Up
Faster Generation Speed

Our LLMs generate ideas and concepts rapidly, reducing the time it takes to produce creative content and allowing you to stay ahead in a fast-paced market. By swiftly processing vast amounts of data, our LLMs expedite the creative process, enabling you to iterate and refine ideas with exceptional speed and efficiency.

Scale Personalized Creative

Our LLMs possess the ability to generate personalized creative content at an unparalleled scale, ensuring each customer feels uniquely engaged and valued. Leveraging advanced algorithms, our LLMs seamlessly adapt to individual preferences, delivering tailored creative solutions that resonate with diverse audiences across various channels.

Brand Secure

Our LLMs are trained to deeply understand your brand's identity, consistently producing creative content that aligns with your brand guidelines, values, and tone of voice. With built-in brand intelligence, our LLMs maintain brand consistency throughout the creative process, ensuring every piece of content remains on-brand and reinforces your desired messaging.

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