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7 Ways To Improve App Ads Performance Including a Free Testing Framework

As an app marketer, you know how challenging it is to run app campaigns across different channels while orchestrating creative and campaign testing. App advertising is becoming more complex with current IOS and pending Android limitations, however with the right tools and techniques you can achieve better results. In this post, we'll explore 7 ways to improve your app ad campaign performance using data-driven creative across the platforms you're advertising on.


5 Ways Marketers Can Use AI To Maximize Their Facebook Ad Performance

In 2023 AI is all anyone can talk about. Businesses are moving fast to find ways to use AI solutions to solve all of their needs and individuals are learning just how much time it can save throughout their work and personal lives. One area AI has the potential to be the most useful is advertising. Facebook advertisers are always looking for ways to test and improve performance, especially given the performance drop seen since the IOS 14 changes. Luckily there are tons of opportunities for brands to maximize their ad results using AI.


How Timeplast Raised over $1.5M in Capital through Omneky’s AI-Powered Advertising Solution

Timeplast is accelerating the world’s transition to sustainable materials by creating a water-soluble, techno-organic material with the potential to replace almost all fossil-based conventional plastics, paper, metal, and even glass applications.


How a purpose-driven fintech beats marketing performance industry benchmarks using Artificial Intelligence-powered Omneky

h.way is a fintech focused on the US Hispanic consumer, with the purpose of transforming financial disparity into prosperity. The company creates financial products and services for the underserved Hispanic community, delivering innovative, culturally fluent money-managing experiences that fit their lifestyle.

Industry News

TechCrunch Disrupt 2022

Meet Omneky, a startup that leverages OpenAI’s DALLE-2 and GPT-3 models to generate visuals and text that can be used in ads for social platforms.

Time for Smart Growth

Digital has become the primary channel every company in the world must utilize to win. Digital can be used as the lead hitter or the closer. When you look at your Sales Structure Pyramid, you’ll see that it has evolved with digital as the base. Direct, Indirect, and Partnerships, build upon it so that you test the bottom to improve the top.

Product Update

Linkedin, Reddit, and Snapchat IntegrationsOur Linkedin, Reddit, and Snapchat platform integrations encourage brands to break into new verticals and reach new audiences in an effort to scale their growth. As we partner with additional advertising platforms, our customers can allocate their adver

How To Create High Performing Ads On 5 Different Platforms

Optimizing your ads for different platforms is difficult, because it often depends on the platform and its users. By managing ad accounts for hundreds of clients across dozens of advertising platforms, Omneky has developed an ability to create brand-aligned, legible ads, that utilize stron

Crypto Guidelines

Did you know that saying "is now the time to buy?" instead of "buy the dip" could be the difference between being allowed to run crypto ads and not? Advertising in the cryptocurrency industry requires meticulous planning, oversight, and regulation. The complexities of t

Why Bigger Is Better For Variations In Creative Testing

The truth about advertising is that there's a lot of money spent on it — and a large portion of that money is spent on inefficient content. One of the root causes of ineffective content is the incorrect implementation of A/B testing. In particular, drawing conclusions based on sm

Digital Asset Management Library (DAM)

When it comes to managing digital assets, numerous fast-growing startups face the same challenge: finding assets quickly and easily among the clutter of content they have at their disposal. At Omneky, we seek to eliminate these kinds of inefficiencies that may hinder your effort t

We've helped hundreds of businesses scale their ads, and here are 5 powerful insights we've discovered by helping them

At Omneky, we've helped businesses grow by providing them a tool to eliminate the guesswork from online advertising. With each new customer, we gain more valuable insights that we can continue to optimize for in future campaigns, giving our customers the information they need to make d

Automating Marketing Campaigns at Scale

Founder, Hikari Senju’s Interview with “Let’s Talk Automation” Podcast Did you know that 62% of small businesses fail with their Facebook advertising, and 47% of advertising performance is based on

Save 10x in marketing costs (and get better results)

As a startup looking to build a community around your product, the chances are that paid advertising on platforms like Facebook and Twitter sounds like an enticing prospect. However, consider how much money companies spend on inefficient content before implementing this strategy. Regardles

Mitigating Negative Consequences of AI

Most of us have heard horror stories about ‘biased algorithms’ - from those that reject candidates with foreign sounding names to predictive crime AI that disproportionately associate minorities with higher levels of crime. In order to prevent the continuation of this in the future, it

Announcing Growth Capital Partnerships

Omneky’s mission is to democratize growth and we’re excited to announce our partnerships with Clear and Pipe to further this mission.Omneky utilizes state of the art deep learning to generate personalized ads and manage advertising campaigns for a fraction of the cost of a traditiona

How does Facebook Ads tracking work post-iOS14?

Now that iOS 14 changes to data tracking have been out for a couple of weeks, Facebook marketers have had time to assess how their campaign performance will likely be impacted. Interestingly,

Omneky Joins Pledge 1%

Omneky is excited to join Pledge 1%'s network of founders, entrepreneurs and companies around the globe that have committed to giving back. We have committed to pledging 1% of our profit, product and time to give back to the community.  Since day one, Omneky has been empowering

Understanding Transformers and Attention Mechanisms

Do I have your attention? Well, what does it really mean to have your attention? Attention is defined as “notice taken of someone or something; the regarding of someone or something as interesting or important.” As humans, we are able to selectively concentrate on aspects of - let’

How Facebook Shops Is Changing E-Commerce

In his announcement last month, Mark Zuckerberg discussed the ways that Facebook was working to help small businesses stay afloat. Early into the pandemic, Facebook helped businesses by

Creative Tools are Empowering the Jobs of the Future

In a 1965 Electronics magazine article, Gordon Moore contended that cramming more components onto integrated circuits” would lead to such wonders as home computers…

An Introduction to Artificial Intelligence Marketing

What is Artificial Intelligence Marketing?   You already know what marketing demands. You know how important it is to know your subject, product, and your audience's preferences. You already

Personalized Marketing Through Artificial Intelligence

Ad consumers, more than ever, seek personalized experiences across platforms. They want custom offers now with growing impatience. They want products and marketing that speaks to their unique identity. To match, marketers are shifting away from marketing automation toward a more personal, human approach.

The “Personal Shift” in Demand and Creative

Experts Predict Humanization through AI For years, the most advanced tool marketers had at their disposal was their own intuition of consumer preferences and identities. As marketing spaces became more competitive, pressure mounted on that intuition, and C-suite peers lost faith in CMOs

From Prediction to Prescription

How AI Helps You Compete with Big Data Small firms encounter a challenge when it comes to marketing. Spaces are increasingly competitive, and boutique agencies are expected to attain all the amazing results of large, resource-rich firms. At the same time, they are expected to achieve th