The AI Marketing Shift

For years, the most advanced tool marketers had at their disposal was their own intuition of consumer preferences and identities. As marketing spaces became more competitive, pressure mounted on that intuition, and C-suite peers lost faith in CMOs as campaigns flourished and flopped without prediction.

Omneky is changing this. AI promises to revolutionize marketing without compromising CMO's seat at the table. No, AI will not replace human marketers, but it will humanize and personalize their campaigns like never before.

As consumers increasingly seek personal appeals, we predict marketing at large is set to evolve toward a hyper-personalized approach, fueled by the power of artificial intelligence.

Humanizing Creative through AI

AI is set to humanize and revolutionize marketing. Some marketers think AI is all about automation, but it’s really moving toward personalization. Experts know that the benefits of AI marketing come from paring down large-scale data into insights that allow teams to concentrate resources on personalized creative.

As one expert says, “[AI] will shift brands away from marketing automation toward personalized experiences…” The shift away from automation to personalization signals a better and, surprisingly, more human experience for customers whose personas will lead creative efforts more than ever.

The demand for personalization will force AI into the forefront, making personalized and custom offers designed to succeed for each individual customer. As a leader in AI trends and research puts it, “Consumers are... becoming more demanding... They want things now... They want engagement personalized. And they want new and exceptional experiences.”

AI will succeed in this personalization shift because it will capture solid historical campaign data insights hidden in the mountain of growing consumer performance indicators in ways that require fewer resources, less time, and with greater accuracy. This frees customers from automated, ineffective messaging and creatives from tangled, impossible data sets.

Shifting from Automation to Personalization

Companies that realize a shift from automation to personalization, prediction, and prescription will inevitably find themselves ahead of the curve where machine learning actually helps marketers make ads more personal, human and inviting.

That’s what everyone has been after for a long time; unfortunately, any given human team cannot handle the data required to personalize an offer for hundreds of personas and thousands of people simultaneously. By freeing creatives from impossible sets of data analysis, AI can help firms become more human.  

Marketers no longer need to intuit the demands of increasingly need-focused customers, but they do need to choose a tool that can predict, prescribe, and personalize in a clear and easy-to-implement fashion.

Omneky is a tool that does just this. With the Omneky platform, businesses and marketers can create and edit content with recommendations that increase customer engagement. Using Omneky for predition, prescription, and personalization is a key step in generating customer engagement and building brand trust.

Demo Omneky to see how our AI can help you humanize your campaigns, increase conversions, and restore confidence in your craft.

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