Case Studies

How Better Creative Helped Build Thndr’s Investing Moat

Meet Thndr:

Did you know that the minimum balance needed to open an investment account in Egypt is unaffordable for most of the population? Thndr is an investment app aiming to democratize investment in Egypt, the Middle East, and North Africa (MENA) region. The app reduces friction for investors looking to open a new brokerage account, empowering Egyptian investors with financial freedom.

Gone are the days of Egyptian investors spending hours at branches, worrying about high upfront costs, and seeking out financial literacy training programs. By downloading the Thndr app, investors have access to a robust educational product that teaches them how to manage money in a way that leads to long-term financial success.

How SaaS company Nelo decreased install, tutorial, and in-app purchasing costs while developing a strong multi-platform presence on Facebook, Google, and TikTok.

When Omneky partnered with Nelo, the financial platform with the mission to bring the buy-now, pay-later attitude to a modern app solution. Nelo is a buy-now-pay-later (BNPL) solution for e-commerce sites in Mexico. WIth the Nelo app, customers can make purchases from big time e-commerce platforms just as Spotify, Netflix, and their latest venture, Steve Madden.

Nelo had a rare opportunity to break a large market as one of the inaugural buy now, pay later applications in Latin America. To capitalize on this, Omneky’s initial strategy was to use already existing creative to help evolve the brand of the startup through A/B and creative testing. Once Nelo was able to attain lower cost per lead on Facebook with a library of evergreen ads, Omneky expanded audience capture to capture down funnel events like lead and in-app purchases from our leads campaign. As we continued to optimize ad creative, we were able to obtain cheaper costs, down funnel costs, and eventually expanded to both Google and TikTok using similar advertising strategies.

In its first month, Omneky was able to help Nelo slash the cost of acquisition by a third for sign-ups on Google. Additionally, ad testing already landed comprehensive results in the first round. On Google, Omneky helped Nelo ascertain that ads in the 30 second range garnered the cheapest cost of acquisition at half the cost per lead of a 10 second video.

Through multi-platform integrations, we are also able to better test time-of-day placement of ads, different avenues of channels, and geographic fencing.

Thus, Omneky is able to iterate on past success and continue to build communicative ads that both capture the attention of viewers and establish strong and informative copy tests.

How Yotta decreased install, tutorial, and in-app purchasing costs while running television ads.

When Omneky partnered with Yotta, the banking platform with the mission to change people’s opinions of personal finance. When users enroll with Yotta, they’re entered for a chance to win $10 million daily. When signing up for the credit and debit card, users have the opportunity to have their next purchase free.

In our partnership, the main challenge we faced included the growing pains on Facebook and Google. With an established prospecting campaign, Yotta needed help with soaring cost per app installs and down-funnel quality assistance. So, while Yotta was attaining expensive leads, they needed to lower costs, scale spend, and break into other methods of paid social advertising.

Initially, Omneky’s strategy was to use already existing creative on top of AI curated top-performing copy to prospect a less-expensive, higher-intent audience. Once Yotta was able to attain lower cost per lead on Facebook, Omneky expanded audience capture to capture down funnel events like tutorial and in-app purchases from our leads campaign. As we continued to optimize ad creative, we were able to obtain cheaper costs, down funnel costs, and eventually expanded to both Google and TikTok using similar advertising strategies.

The next step was to take ads and a prospective audience to the big screen. Using ad platform TV Scientific, Yotta launched its inaugural ads on television with phenomenal results.

In its first month, Omneky was able to help Yotta slash the cost of acquisition by a third for sign-ups. Additionally, ad testing already landed comprehensive results in the first round. On television, we found that ads in the 30 second range garnered the cheapest cost of acquisition at half the cost of 15 second and 1 minute ads.

Furthermore, we were able to establish a baseline of qualitative success with A/B testing different creative. We found that for Yotta, including 2 people in the video ads with copy overlay of “Win Up to $10 million every week” proved to be the third cost of acquisition.

Through television placements, we are also able to better test time-of-day placement of ads, different avenues of channels, and geographic fencing.

Thus, Omneky is able to iterate on past success and continue to build communicative ads that both capture the attention of viewers and establish strong and informative copy tests.

How Runa HR shattered the mold for B2B lead generation with Omneky, decreasing cost/lead by 90%

When Omneky partnered with Runa HR, the Mexico-based SaaS software platform had a wide range of services to offer and an even deeper library of creative. We were tasked with creating a strong narrative across Facebook and Google.

In our partnership, the main challenge we faced included illustrating a succinct and persuasive narrative to small Mexico-based companies. Specifically, we needed to convey the narrative that Runa ultimately saves small businesses money through it’s one-stop-shop, self-service human resources software. On top of that, not only does Runa abet HR’s productivity, but also offers a range of benefits to the employees of Runa’s client companies.

Initially, Omneky’s strategy was to produce a curation of iterated evergreen ads for prospecting Facebook. Once Omneky’s AI has a chance to give feedback on top performing features, Omneky was then able to launch ads focused on particular product features to test ad copy with.

The next step was to retarget the audience based on the initial prospecting campaign on Facebook. Finally, launching a lead lookalike from the previous months’ leads has proved to generate the most and least expensive leads on Facebook for Runa.

For Google, Runa’s strategy was to deploy a Performance Max campaign using top performing Facebook ads and key search terms.

Thus, Omneky is able to iterate on past success and continue to build communicative ads that both capture the attention of viewers and establish strong and informative copy tests.

How Nomi Network increased human trafficking awareness and donation quanitity through FB ads with Omneky.

When Omneky partnered with Nomi Network, they had a 1:1:1 pledge. Through this pledge, Omneky was able to donate 1% of time, product, and profit to Nomi Network’s cause.

In our partnership, the main challenges we faced was curating a social media awareness of Nomi Network’s mission, as well as delivering their key value propositions in a dynamic effort. With an already established library of photography and hand-illustrated creativity, Omneky was able to effectively bring a new perspective to their campaign by using the GPT-3 tool and identifying key successful features to the ads.

Initially, Omneky was able to establish a strong set of evergreen ads. With this base and an initial round of insights, Omneky was then able to use baseline results to iterate on temporal holiday ads.

In addition, Omneky’s ability to generate ads in a time sensitive manner for holiday campaigns helped to raise awareness during critical holiday periods where paid social could capture the greatest presence of traffic generation and donation quantity.

Thus, Omneky is able to iterate on past success and continue to build communicative ads that both capture the attention of and educate viewers.

MeetKai increases page engagements 24x with Omneky

Using FB ads and Omneky’s AI platform, MeetKai increased page engagements 24x, building a strong audience prior to launching their product.

About MeetKai

MeetKai is a company at the forefront of the conversational AI revolution in MarTech, offering a SaaS product built to curate and personalize query results based on users' preferences and personalities. Using cutting-edge AI technology, MeetKai's bluebird is programmed for proactive communication and answers customers at the point of need.    


MeetKai wanted to leverage paid social to build an audience pre-launch, but delivering ads across 5 countries in 5 different languages proved a hefty burden.

How Jobscan decreased cost/lead for FB ads by 30% with Omneky.

Jobscan is an innovative SaaS business that uses AI to reduce friction in the job search and application process. They offer suggestions that help optimize resumes for recruiter preferences and hidden requirements buried in job descriptions. Jobscan wanted to use paid social to build an audience, but high cost/leads made it challenging to justify the aggressive spending push required to make this a scalable growth channel.

Jobscan had an extensive raw asset library with many sources of content to use in ads. After some initial testing, Jobscan realized that they needed a tool to understand what combination of assets led to high-performing ads. Omneky's dashboard insights feature analyzed Jobscan's raw asset library to find correlative relationships between ad copy/ad creative elements and Jobscan's main KPI: cost/lead.

Dashboard insights revealed that Jobscan's current media features were not optimized for paid social, prompting Omneky to focus on visual testing and developing ad iterations to identify which visuals correlated with high performance. Omneky found that the use of graphics in video ads correlated with a 38% increase in CTR. In particular, effective media features included graphics of people, robots, and computers. Omneky quickly upstarted the creative iteration process based on these findings, testing hundreds of ad copy combinations across these high-performing visuals. With a clear idea of what creatives worked, Omneky's generate ad copy tool (powered by OpenAI's GPT-3) was used to develop AI-generated text for both the headline and body copy in minimum duration.

Food St

FoodSt is a Sydney-based food delivery business that specializes in authentic meals made by chefs using traditional family recipes and delivers frozen meals directly to clients at their preferred delivery time. Users have the option to join as a chef and offer their own home-cooked meals or browse from hundreds of frozen meals.

Food St took the challenge of preserving traditional family recipes into the digital world. After building a business equipped to handle the logistical challenges of their model, they began to focus on customer acquisition and digital marketing.


Vial Health is a patient recruiting service that specializes in connecting patients to drug trials attempting to treat specific conditions. The Vial business model allows highly efficient clinical trials for sponsors and delivers paid incentives to patient participants. By partnering with experienced doctors, Vial is able to conduct a range of dermatology trials all over the country.

Vial’s challenge was to take the process of clinical trial recruitment into the 21st century by using digital advertising to more quickly and effectively recruit patients. The two biggest problems to overcome: digital ads efficiency, where Vial had to find higher quality patients to recruit, and the out-of-home advertising, where Vial needed to broadly reach individuals that were not as active online.


Mos is a student support company that helps young adults and families get the most financial aid possible. Through easy-to-use software, Mos helps people submit their FAFSA® for free with an easy, user-friendly form. They also offer financial aid negotiating assistance and guarantee families get every single dollar of aid available.

With their close of Series A round in 2020 (led by Sequoia), Mos was looking to expand into banking by providing their top tier student support services alongside student focused checking and debit services. In anticipation of their product launch, Mos wanted to raise awareness and anticipation for Mos Bank through online advertising. After struggling to achieve a low cost/waitlist signup, Mos looked to Omneky to analyze their creative, generate new content, and manage their waitlist strategy for Facebook ads.


Nelo is a Mexico-based consumer payment solution company. They allow consumers to buy their favorite products or services and pay over the next few months (instead of all upfront and at once). Nelo was growing quickly, and with the closing of their seed round (lead by Homebrew Capital), they needed to supercharge their customer acquisition volume and Facebook was an essential channel for them to deloy.

With mixed success on Facebook in the past, Nelo was unsure if they could rely on digital advertising to be a central pillar of their growth. Additionally, as an app-based product, the iOS 14 changes presented a challenge for them to efficiently acquire customers through Facebook. That’s why they came to Omneky.

Bjorem Speech

Bjorem Speech is an innovative company that works to empower children's learning capabilities through easily understandable language products. Bjorem was created by speech therapists to help children easily learn how to speak and understand complex language. Founder Jennie Bjorem brought her flagship product – Bjorem Speech Sound Cue Cards – to market in 2017 and has been operating on Shopify since. Bjorem has expanded its product line to books and assessments among other things. As they continue to grow, Bjorem needed a partner to help them establish methods for marketing and scale their e-commerce business to the next level. That’s where Omneky comes in.

Shiti Coolers

What started as a parody of the classic overpriced cooler, is now a multimillion-dollar lifestyle brand. SHITI Coolers founders Trevor and Austin Zacny simply wanted a way to express their lifestyle of using the same old rusty cooler rather than the exorbitant cost of a “high-end cooler.” The Zacny brothers created stickers to slap on their old coolers and it began to garner laughs and conversation and the rest is history. Since launching in 2016, SHITI Coolers sales have exploded and their brand has developed a cult following. SHITI has grown its product line from 3 products in 2017 to over 50 last year creating new ways for fans to rep the SHITI brand. As they continue to garner massive buzz over their products, SHITI needed a partner to help manage their Facebook advertising, establish an advertising presence on Snapchat and TikTok, and push the e-commerce sales to the next level.


Have you ever struggled between choosing a hotel with inflated prices or an Airbnb that just wasn’t up to standards? Mexico City-based hospitality company Casai was founded to end that frustration. Casai wants to end the dichotomy between choosing a hotel or Airbnb by delivering its guests premium accommodations with locally sourced designs and integrated smart home technology. In October of 2020, Casai closed a $48 million Series A led by Andreesen Horowitz. With this new funding, the company had massive expectations of growth in both their native market of Mexico andabroad. Shortly after closing their round, Casai partnered with Omneky to help Casai take their sales to the next level.

Belle Fever

Belle Fever’s mission is to capture magic moments through the gift of their unique, personalized, and handcrafted jewelry. With first class service and customization, an individual’s distinctive piece of jewelry will lead to meaningful connections with others! Founded in Australia on Valentine’s Day in 2012, the business began in a small workshop behind founder Sarah Saputra’s family house. Close family connections have been a large part of Belle Fever's identity, including the company name which originated from Sarah’s daughter Isabella. With a largely online exchange and international exposure, Belle Fever came to Omneky hoping to scale their Austria, UK, and US advertising profitably in a way that honored their origin: personalized ads.

Modern Crew

Modern Crew is an India-based men’s underwear brand that strives to create luxurious products at fair and affordable prices. After witnessing the stagnancy of the underwear segment, Modern Crew was determined to create a game changing product. The result? High quality, elegantly designed men’s undergarments created from the best materials—all at affordable prices. Modern Crew is truly the innerwear brand for the modern man. To continue cultivating their business and delight customers with innovative underwear, effective digital marketing was the next step. Hoping to take the guesswork out of marketing, they decided to partner with Omneky to create personalized ads at scale.


Spicin creates and sells gourmet hot sauces, condiments, salsas, spices, snacks, and drink mixes. They use all-natural, non-GMO ingredients in all of their products. The key to their award winning-sauces is producing them in micro-batches using their state-of-the-art equipment to create high quality and delicious products every time. Although their products can be found in countless grocery stores, restaurants, and household pantries across the United States, they wanted to unlock the potential of their e-commerce website through digital advertising. After a thorough search, they partnered with Omneky to take the guesswork out of marketing, build upon their successes, and take their company to the next level.


Makeen Technologies provides end-to-end technology solutions for its clients, from improving business flow to building innovative platforms and apps to utilizing data to better understand customers. To tackle the client’s problem or challenge, Makeen connects the business to the appropriate resources within its vast network of vetted and skilled experts. From there, the specialists transform the client’s ideas into products and provide end-to-end management and support. Due to the diversity of resources at their fingertips, there is truly no challenge out of Makeen’s reach. To build on their successes and truly scale Makeen to the next level, effective marketing was the next piece of the puzzle. With market disruption central to their approach, they partnered with Omneky to use the power of AI to create personalized ads at scale.


Paintru’s mission is to make the custom portraiture market more accessible to consumers everywhere. For a long time, custom artwork was only available to those who had the ability to pay large sums to individual artists, but now Paintru has built a business that can create high-quality custom paintings at scale. Founded in 2018 by JD and Liza Kameen, the business has a strong team at the helm with an even better story. JD attended the US Naval Academy for his undergraduate degree, before serving in the US Marine Corps for 6 years. After his deployment, he married Liza and the two of them decided to start a business together. Now they proudly employ many veterans in their mission to bring custom portraiture to the masses. After a few years in business, Paintru wanted to take their business to the next level and scaling their marketing was an essential part of that process. With personalization being integral to the business, they chose Omneky to do what we do best: create personalized ads at scale.


Cut+Dry wants to change the food supply chain by giving everyone access to ingredients previously only available to restaurants. Based in San Francisco, The Market by Cut+Dry partners with the highest quality restaurants to connect suppliers to individual consumers. Customers have access to restaurant recipes matched with their direct supply of ingredients so they can make their favorite dishes right at home. The Market has been delivering exclusive ingredients since March 2020.

During a trying time for both restaurants and consumers, The Market presented a lifeline for restaurants and families seeking delicious home-cooked meals. They’re creating a new marketplace for groceries and helping restaurants diversify their income in the process. As a subset of Cut+Dry, The Market brings with it years of experience in the restaurant supply business. When they launched in March 2020, they were looking for a way to get the word out, connect with consumers online, and kickstart sales. That’s where Omneky came in.

Shopping Live

Welcome to Shopping Live, the best way to shop in Russia. With the #1 rated tv shop in the country, Shopping Live advertises and demonstrates its products on air. They launched in 2010 and have been a wildly successful company. But they recognized the pull of social media: it’s the fastest growing marketing medium.


The domestic services industry has been the same for years: workers rely on word of mouth to find new clients. And they face unstable wages and hours. There’s no contract, and no regular flow of new business. SweepSouth aims to change that. This South African company uses an app and website to connect homeowners and workers. SweepSouth is innovating a stagnant field, lowering unemployment rates, and empowering domestic workers. It’s never been easier to take care of your home. With the onset of COVID, the domestic service industry was hit particularly hard. SweepSouth needed to reach more of their target consumers in order to support the livelihood of their employees.


Getnailed at this salon in Zurich! Specializing in nail polish designs, salon treatments, and curated beauty products, Getnailed is a brick-and-mortar store servicing clients in the Lake Zurich locale. A team of five talented nail designers run this multi-lingual salon frequented by regulars and celebrities alike. When COVID hit, the usual foot traffic that led clients to end their day at the salon vanished. Getnailed realized that they needed to do more than rely on their usual customer flow. Even with their established instagram presence (12K followers!), they needed to grow their digital footprint and focus on online traffic. In came Omneky. Goal: increase salon bookings.


Having a low credit score makes it almost impossible to get loans and open credit card accounts without sky-high interest rates. That said, how can someone improve their credit score if no one is willing to give them credit?

With Bits—the digital card that helps customers improve their credit scores and history.

It’s not a credit card, so you can’t make purchases. The Bits digital card charges its clients a monthly account fee which is taken from the user's bank account. That recurring transaction raises the client’s credit score, and the inability to use Bits as a credit card ensures that no client will ever accrue debt.

When Bits first launched their Facebook ad campaigns, there were minimal results. Frustrated, they joined us at Omneky. They hoped our ad optimization software would drive significant growth in their market outreach.


Founded by five moms struggling to balance work, family, and social activities, QiDZ is all about making family life easier. Downloading their app gives parents easy access to thousands of child-friendly activities in their city. With exclusive deals and reliable reviews from parents, QiDZ makes it easy to entertain your kids and whole family. Headquartered in the UAE, QiDZ had launched in Dubai, Egypt, and other gulf countries. QiDZ hired Omneky to help affordably reach customers in the market of Riyadh, Saudi Arabia.


The self-proclaimed “first community-based marketplace,” TagHawk is an app for selling, buying, and moving used items securely. Users can create communities private to their location, dorm, apartment building, etc. and chat within the app. There’s also cashless purchases to ensure buyer and seller safety. Buying and selling using goods has never been so easy! Struggling to scale their marketing and create effective creatives, TagHawk left a previous agency relationship to join Omneky. They wanted to see real growth in impressions and increase their app downloads. Having enough users in the marketplace is essential to their app’s success.


Helping contractors form realistic cost estimates, 1build gives construction companies an edge to win bids and projects. It takes hours of research and countless trials-and-error to estimate costs. 1build streamlines the pricing process by using data-backed insights, software, and a team of experts to create accurate estimates and mockups quickly. 1build had an inconsistent Facebook ad strategy and saw fluctuating results. They hoped Omneky would improve their overall ad performance. To become the premier marketplace between contractors and cost-estimators, 1build needed to get more contractors on their platform.


Based in Japan, Solve is a clothing company breaking into the high fashion industry. They create stylish men’s dress shirts that never disappoint. With a value proposition promising high quality and low costs, Solve produces the perfect fitting shirt at the right price. Before using Omneky, Solve had just started using Facebook ads. They had yet to see any results within the Japanese market. Their goal was to scale up and initiate real growth.

Bentocart and Omneky: A Story of Success

Bentocart operates lunch pickup spots near office buildings and neighborhood hubs. They offer meals from top restaurants and provide a curated menu daily. Bentocart separates itself from other food delivery services by easing the decision making of where to eat, and their self-pickup model reduces service costs, allowing them to pay drivers and restaurants fairly. There are also no hidden fees, creating a customer-centric approach to food delivery.


Debie provides its clients with credit tools for the digital age, making business credit versatile, accessible, and actionable. Their goal is to help more businesses find opportunities by uncovering and distributing credit data. Debie boasts an impressive track record, having helped hundreds of businesses establish their credit, improve revenue, and improve financial outcomes in this past year alone. As Debie continues to provide innovative solutions to businesses, they need to continue to find fruitful partnerships to help them scale.

Torii Homes

Torii Homes is a modern home search platform that combines technology and exceptional customer service for a personalized and stress-free home buying experience. Torii’s core product offer provides tools that make it easy to personalize your home search, schedule showings, place offers and get expert guidance.

Not only is Torii Homes self-service, but also offers an array of white glove services to guide customers through a successful closing. Moving onto the social advertising space posed a challenge for Torii as they attempted to convey multiple services across multiple target audiences. Enter Omenky!