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Created out of the identification that unsafe and unexplainable AI makes it hard for most businesses to trust their AI-driven decisions, Virtuous AI is a data intelligence platform that aims to ensure equitable AI. Virtuous AI helps clients ensure their AI systems comply with GDPR, layering on proprietary software that provides data governance to help protect your bottom line.


Virtuous AI sought to leverage paid advertising as an initial test of their messaging/offer across numerous audiences, hoping to understand their ideal customer profile and gauge product-market fit. With a USP centered around explaining the inner workings of AI to help businesses make sure they are using it equitably, Virtuous AI needed to drive traffic to their blog, where they educate leads on what it means to foster equitable AI.

In terms of ad creative, their challenge was mostly discovering the right imagery that fit in with their narrative – AI is a BlackBox, and Virtuous AI helps developers find out what’s inside it. To further explore this idea of the BlackBox, Virtuous AI needed to create both ads/blog post cover graphics that took this abstract concept and depicted it in a way that resonated with their target audience. Enter Omneky


Virtuous AI was fascinated by Omneky's ability to leverage AI creative tools to take the abstract, and create beautiful ads. Using the prompts AI as a Blackbox, Theology of AI, and History of AI, Omneky leveraged the incredible capabilities of DALL-E to create both ads and blog cover images for Virtuous AI.

Ad 1: Prompt – AI as a Blackbox

We've all heard the saying, "AI is a BlackBox," but what does it mean? With this ad, Omneky's goal was to find the most creative way to communicate this largely technical idea in a manner that resonated with Virtuous AI's target audience. 

Headline: “Peek Inside The Blackbox”

Step 1: Representing a blackbox in a way that's interesting

Step 2: Representing peeking, It could be:

  • A magnifying glass to look inside
  • A hammer breaking in
  • A hand reaching inside

Step 3: With AI generated assets at our disposal, how do we use human creativity to create a compelling ad? 

Using the two AI-generated assets, Omneky creators leveraged graphic design skills to collage them with Virtuous AI's gradient background. Additionally, we layered the effect of white lines and strategically placed the logo to create the illusion of depth.

Ultimately, this ad is an example of how AI can enhance the creative process by creating unique assets to make a larger creative vision (in this case, the idea of peeking inside the AI BlackBox) come to life.

Blog Cover Image #1: Prompt – Theology of AI

Step 1: Generating the right prompts for Dall-E to accurately represent theology 

  • Images of religious leaders like priests, rabbis, or imams as a cyborg/android
  • Byzantine art 

With the idea of Byzantine art, Omneky generated the asset of the robot priest, which is the main attraction of this graphic. Additionally, we leveraged AI to engineer a background that represented ancient religious text and a graphic of the sacred heart. 

Step 2: Representing AI in the image  

Armed with these AI-generated assets, Omneky's creator collaged them onto the Virtuous AI gradient background, creating a graphic that tells a story about how the fabric of AI helps revolutionize the human experience of divine illumination.

This ad is ultimately an example of how AI accelerates the trend of personalized storytelling, as everyone can have the experience of being emotionally transported into a compelling story. 

Blog Cover Image #2: Prompt – The History of AI 

Step 1: DALL-E 2 as a tool for rapid concepting and ideation. The prompt we engineered was:

  • “The Creation of Adam” by Michelangelo with androids 

With DALL-E 2, we found a way to talk about history in a way that isn't just books or monuments, but instead tells a story through the lens of creation.

Step 2: Representing AI in the Image  

While Omneky recreated Michelangelo's classical painting with android hands through AI, human design skills helped invoke AI imagery with binary code and Virtuous AI brand assets to produce the final graphic. 

This ad exemplifies how AI-powered creative tools enable creators to make graphics that look like artwork, changing how consumers connect with the brand and its messaging.

Ultimately, Omneky proved to be the right solution to Virtuous AI’s paid advertising needs, bringing a perspective driven by the intersection of human creativity and AI creative tools!


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