Power Your Content with
Custom LLM
Trained on Your Brand

Train your company's data into our large language model that learns your brand, personas and
products, so you can trust Omneky to generate personalized content at scale.

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Unlock the power of your data with
custom Brand LLM

Our platform transforms your data into a secure vector format, enabling it to be easily interpreted and
analyzed by large language models (LLMs) for powering personalized content
  • Generic content creation
  • Nonspecific answers
  • No business insights


  • Generic content creation
  • Nonspecific answers
  • No business insights

Drive action across platforms with
demand gen campaigns

Personalized to You

We develop customized LLMs that understand your brand’s tone, target personas and audiences, enabling personalized generative content across every customer touchpoint

Content Generation at Scale

Generate high-quality, brand-specific, engaging content efficiently using our LLM technology, saving time and resources while maintaining consistency and relevance.
Securely interact with your data using theSOC2 certified custom LLM solution.
Our LLM solutions are designed to scale your business, accommodating growing volumes of data and evolving requirements, while offering flexibility in deployment options.
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