Omiana Drives 3.5X ROI with Gen AI and Creative Analytics

Omiana is a vegan, 100% all natural and organic beauty company that offers high-quality makeup and skin care products for all types of skin, that are titanium dioxide and mica free. Omiana provides high performing makeup without harmful additives. Their mission is Omission.


Omiana’s goal was to drive increased sales, profitably. It was important to scale digital ad creatives across digital media channels, as creative is the top lever to drive conversions. Omiana’s CEO, Kevin Schrantz, wanted to leapfrog current solutions and adopt Gen AI to help Omiana scale quickly.


Omneky offered scalable, on-brand ad creative, backed by data-driven insights as well as campaign optimization for multiple ad platforms. Omneky used generative AI tools to develop advertising creative concepts and assets rapidly. Coupled with Omneky’s creative insights, this enabled us to conduct ongoing A/B tests to see what messaging and imagery (image and video) resonated with target customers and drove increased revenue and conversions.

"The exceptional quality and scale of our digital assets have been instrumental in broadening our customer base and driving substantial sales growth, underscoring the strength of our partnership in the digital marketing sphere."
Kevin Schrantz, CEO


Omiana yielded impressive results including:

  • 3.5x Return on Investment and +200% Sales YoY in 2023
  • Profitability scaled ad spend by 135%. Omneky successfully scaled Omiana’s ad spend on Facebook by 135% while maintaining a positive ROAS.
  • Omiana hit their company monthly revenue goal in November of 2023, shifting their baseline revenue upward. 
  • A record-breaking Q3; Omiana grew revenue by 35% with 68% of that increase from advertising and creative programs managed by Omneky. 
  • We conducted comprehensive ad testing across audience segments, products, and promotions.

Key Factors of Success

There were several best practices deployed that led to Omiana’s success, here are two highlights:

  • Data-Driven Optimization: We used Omneky’s creative analytics to refine creative strategies and optimize Omiana’s advertising programs. For example, insights like having “Vegan” in the title increased CTR by 19.5%. Once the new creative was tested, we gained more creative insights that informed campaigns optimization and creative generation.

Featured ad creatives

  • Products and messaging: Omneky developed creative across Omiana’s suite of makeup and skin care products to tap into target audiences that were seeking a range of Omiana solutions. Value propositions and messaging refinement were tested over time and optimized to drive increased conversions. 

An example of this was “Non-Toxic Everything” messaging that performed well. We generated and tested more iterations like adding “Non-Toxic” plus an Omiana product. The “Non-Toxic” plus “Loose Powder Trio” also performed well from a conversion perspective when tested.


Omneky’s content generation and insightful analytics played a key role in Omiana’s growth. Omneky produced scalable and targeted content that grew Omiana’s customer base, created a more cohesive brand image, and drove brand loyalty. This data-driven approach allowed Omiana to further its mission to provide high-quality cosmetics without harmful additives, achieving record breaking sales.

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