Lower CPL on TV


Lower CPA on Facebook

When Omneky partnered with Yotta, the banking platform with the mission to change people’s opinions of personal finance. When users enroll with Yotta, they’re entered for a chance to win $10 million daily. When signing up for the credit and debit card, users have the opportunity to have their next purchase free.

In our partnership, the main challenge we faced included the growing pains on Facebook and Google. With an established prospecting campaign, Yotta needed help with soaring cost per app installs and down-funnel quality assistance. So, while Yotta was attaining expensive leads, they needed to lower costs, scale spend, and break into other methods of paid social advertising.

Initially, Omneky’s strategy was to use already existing creative on top of AI curated top-performing copy to prospect a less-expensive, higher-intent audience. Once Yotta was able to attain lower cost per lead on Facebook, Omneky expanded audience capture to capture down funnel events like tutorial and in-app purchases from our leads campaign. As we continued to optimize ad creative, we were able to obtain cheaper costs, down funnel costs, and eventually expanded to both Google and TikTok using similar advertising strategies.

The next step was to take ads and a prospective audience to the big screen. Using ad platform TV Scientific, Yotta launched its inaugural ads on television with phenomenal results.

In its first month, Omneky was able to help Yotta slash the cost of acquisition by a third for sign-ups. Additionally, ad testing already landed comprehensive results in the first round. On television, we found that ads in the 30 second range garnered the cheapest cost of acquisition at half the cost of 15 second and 1 minute ads.

Furthermore, we were able to establish a baseline of qualitative success with A/B testing different creative. We found that for Yotta, including 2 people in the video ads with copy overlay of “Win Up to $10 million every week” proved to be the third cost of acquisition.

Through television placements, we are also able to better test time-of-day placement of ads, different avenues of channels, and geographic fencing.

Thus, Omneky is able to iterate on past success and continue to build communicative ads that both capture the attention of viewers and establish strong and informative copy tests.


Finance company Yotta wanted to keep low lead costs and maintain a stable influx of lead generation through paid social. With a tight grip on branding, the online banking platform facilitates credit and debit card programs as well as weekly drawings where users can win up to $10 million. However, creating and testing a concise yet effective narrative proved to be difficult across multiple platforms for the Yotta in-house creative team.


With a relentless dedication to results through data-driven analysis, Omneky devised an aggressive prospecting campaign supported by a strategically optimized retargeting campaign to yield maximum performance. Our primary target was 'lookalike' audiences - those exhibiting familiarity and interest towards Yotta's offerings - which were identified through Omneky’s advanced GPT-3 technology. This provided us the ability to continuously refine our ads and distribute them in a rhythm that ensured the highest level of engagement.

In addition to this, we embraced a complex yet effective strategy of cross-platform creative orchestration and iteration. We launched User Generated Content (UGC) and long-form testimonial video ads across an array of platforms that included Google, Facebook, and TikTok, along with TV advertising. This allowed us to cast a wide net, capturing diverse audiences through their preferred platforms.

The benefits for Yotta have been substantial. We've enabled a data-driven approach for creative design, using computer vision to pinpoint ad features that yield the most positive results in our prospecting campaigns. We then leverage these findings to enhance retargeting campaigns, thereby capitalizing on potential leads.

Utilizing the power of GPT-3, we've iterated on headline and body copies tailored to the audience demographics, fostering a deeper resonance between users and Yotta’s core messaging. Acknowledging Yotta's flexible branding approach and their already impressive library of creative content, we've carefully curated these assets to optimize for top-performing ads. Additionally, we've gathered these assets to build out a comprehensive library of television ads, further broadening Yotta's reach.

In essence, our solution for Yotta was an all-inclusive, data-oriented strategy that used the latest AI technology to not only maximize engagement but also create a deeper connection between Yotta and its users, leading to superior outcomes.


Prior to Omneky, testing ad creative involved a lot of noise and unpredictability for Yotta. Omneky's data-driven approach to ad creatives mitigated these concerns while simultaneously lowering the cost of testing ad creatives. Omneky's commitment to results through data analysis led a strong prospecting campaign and carefully curated a retargeting campaign to maximize results. Ultimately, this helped Yotta:

  • 50% lower cost per lead on TV
  • 30% lower cost per in-app purchase on Facebook
  • 2x conversion rate bank connected conversion on Google

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