New Sapience

New Sapience

New Sapience pioneers a groundbreaking approach to artificial intelligence, departing from conventional neural networks. They introduce 'sapiens’, thinking machines that harness the inherent properties of knowledge, offering unparalleled scalability and the potential to revolutionize AI, granting humans more freedom for their unique talents.


New Sapience wanted to bring their story to market and showcase how their groundbreaking AI solution can advance technology. Their goal was to raise awareness and drive people to invest in their business. They were looking for a partner who could help them achieve their funding goals through smart creative and digital advertising.


With Omneky’s expertise in crowdfunding, we collaborated with New Sapience to develop a comprehensive strategy that leveraged Omneky’s AI tools and proven tactics learned over managing many programs. The solution that led to an effective Crowdfunding campaign for New Sapience was a three-step process: our AI image generator that quickly developed effective creative, our AI insights that guided creative direction, and our crowdfunding expertise that aided in audience optimization.

Featured top ad creatives
Ad for New Sapience Meta campaign and Omneky’s predicted performance


New Sapience yielded remarkable results, including:

  • Over $460,000 Raised: From mid-April to early October, the RegCF crowdfunding campaign successfully raised over $1,180,000, of which over $460,000 came directly from Omneky's ad campaigns.
  • A  6x Return on Ad Spend (ROAS): Omneky's advertising campaigns delivered an outstanding ROAS, every dollar spent on advertising, New Sapience generated over $6 in contributions.
  • 470+ Investments: The campaign attracted more than 370 individual investments from a diverse range of backers who believed in New Sapience's mission.
  • $160 Cost Per Investment: Omneky's targeted marketing efforts ensured that the cost per investment remained low, showcasing efficiency in acquiring new backers.
  • Over 52,000 Link Clicks: Through strategic content creation and targeted ad placement, Omneky drove over 52,000 link clicks to New Sapience's crowdfunding page, demonstrating an ability to generate significant traffic.

“Omneky has been a great help with New Sapience’s growth. Their platform is welcoming and detailed, and their experts are responsive and outgoing. With Omneky, we were always informed and updated with the latest creatives, and timely information that helped with our campaign. Omneky’s data-driven process augments decision-making and focuses objectives. Working with the Omneky team was a fantastic experience, and led to a successful raise!” 

Ayush Prakash, Director of Communications

Key Factors for Success

There were a few best practices deployed that lead to New Sapience’s success:

  • Strategic Targeting: Omneky's precise audience targeting strategy ensured that New Sapience's message reached individuals genuinely interested in topics related to their industry, such as AI and Tech. Omneky's wealth of crowdfunding experience also allowed for successful campaigns targeting individuals interested in crowdfunding and general investing.
  • Compelling Content: We used Omneky’s content generation tool and AI-driven insights to ideate on creative concepts. We found that adding robots into the creative resonated with the audience and was predicted to continue to drive performance.  Also, we leveraged prompting in Omneky’s AI Generate tool to create quality robot imagery that represented “sapiens”.
  • Data-Driven Optimization: Regularly analyzing campaign performance from the Omneky dashboard enabled us to refine strategies and optimize campaigns to maximize ROI.

Key Factors of Success

Featured top ad creatives
Featured top ad creatives


Omneky's AI-driven analytics, insights and content generation played a pivotal role in the success of New Sapience's crowdfunding campaign. Omneky was able to use AI generated content and AI-driven insights to provide creative that would resonate with the audiences that were being targeted. Omneky helped New Sapience not only meet but exceed their fundraising goals.

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