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FoodSt is a Sydney-based food delivery business that specializes in authentic meals made by chefs using traditional family recipes and delivers frozen meals directly to clients at their preferred delivery time. Users have the option to join as a chef and offer their own home-cooked meals or browse from hundreds of frozen meals.

Food St took the challenge of preserving traditional family recipes into the digital world. After building a business equipped to handle the logistical challenges of their model, they began to focus on customer acquisition and digital marketing.


The main issue facing Food St was lack of creative production capabilities and Facebook ads expertise. As a result, Food St’s Facebook campaigns experienced surging cost per purchases and inconsistent return on ad spend. With ample talented chefs ready to deliver frozen meals, there were just not enough purchases happening to meet supply. Before partnering with Omneky, Food St was seeing a cost per purchase topping out in the hundreds of dollars. On top of that, they were seeing a negative return on ad spend as a result of the low advertising efficacy of their campaigns.


After partnering with Omneky and implementing Omneky’s AI powered creative platform, cost per purchase plummeted and Food St was able to prospect to thousands of new clients.


With Omenky, Food St saw:

  • 85% decrease in cost per purchase
  • 3x increase in purchases
  • 5.22x increase in return on ad spend

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