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Mos is a student support company that helps young adults and families get the most financial aid possible. Through easy-to-use software, Mos helps people submit their FAFSA® for free with an easy, user-friendly form. They also offer financial aid negotiating assistance and guarantee families get every single dollar of aid available.


With their close of Series A round in 2020 (led by Sequoia), Mos was looking to expand into banking by providing their top tier student support services alongside student focused checking and debit services. In anticipation of their product launch, Mos wanted to raise awareness and anticipation for Mos Bank through online advertising. After struggling to achieve a low cost/waitlist signup, Mos looked to Omneky to analyze their creative, generate new content, and manage their waitlist strategy for Facebook ads.


Through Omneky’s AI technology, abetted by hands-on account management and comprehensive designers, we were able to optimize copy, creative, and audience targeting to deliver better results so far as lowering cost per sign and increasing product awareness. Optimization over time with Omneky’s dynamic creative ad testing helped Mos adhere to brand guidelines while being able to test hundreds of ad combinations, streamlining ad performance to deliver the highest performing ads to the best performing audience.


By A/B testing thousands of different creative and copy combinations, Omneky was able to optimize for the lowest cost signup, making a drastic difference to Mos’s product awareness efficiency.

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