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increase in monthly app installs

Having a low credit score makes it almost impossible to get loans and open credit card accounts without sky-high interest rates. That said, how can someone improve their credit score if no one is willing to give them credit?

With Bits—the digital card that helps customers improve their credit scores and history.

It’s not a credit card, so you can’t make purchases. The Bits digital card charges its clients a monthly account fee which is taken from the user's bank account. That recurring transaction raises the client’s credit score, and the inability to use Bits as a credit card ensures that no client will ever accrue debt.

When Bits first launched their Facebook ad campaigns, there were minimal results. Frustrated, they joined us at Omneky. They hoped our ad optimization software would drive significant growth in their market outreach.


Determining the best copy, image, or call to action can be subjective and unpredictable. Which color invites more clicks? Who identified with “x” phrase? How many different types of ads are ideal?

Omneky can do this by providing companies with its state-of-the-art platform. Simply input campaign goals, KPIs, and keywords related to your business; then Omneky will suggest effective copy and images based on the most recent conversion data.


Using cutting edge AI, our platform analyzes how your target audience behaves and uses that to optimize existing ads and generate new ones. Omneky comes up with the copy, images, and call-to-actions based on collected data, eliminating the guesswork in advertising.

See notable profit returns and drive up traffic significantly with ads that actually achieve your KPIs. Because our technology utilizes machine-learning, all our ads are updated and improved consistently.


Because it uses an app to provide its service, Bits depends on digital traffic to reach clients. Omneky’s AI algorithms focused on increasing impressions to reach Bits’s target audience: people who need help improving their credit.

  • 465% increase in reach
  • 580% increase in monthly app installs
  • 34% decrease in cost per ad impressions
  • 135% increase in CTR
  • 47% decrease in cost per app install

(Compared to the same period month over month pre-Omneky)

With such great outcomes, Bits has seen a boom in business and profits, passing $1m in annual recurring revenue within a month of working with us. They are happy customers.

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