Timeplast is accelerating the world’s transition to sustainable materials by creating a water-soluble, techno-organic material with the potential to replace almost all fossil-based conventional plastics, paper, metal, and even glass applications.

What makes Timeplast unique is the ability to work on rigid and thick applications, which count for most of the uses in the market, while being safer, more affordable, and more sustainable than all other bio-blastic plastics on the market.


Timeplast partnered with the crowdfunding agency Start Engine, which provided them with access to many resources to help kickstart their fundraising campaign. The Timeplast team identified that paid advertising was as an opportunity to get in front of large audience segments to drive awareness and engagement in their Start Engine program.

Tony Martinez, the Global Operations Manager at Timeplast, explained to us what he was looking for in a marketing partner. 

“We are just being molded as a company, and advertising was a completely new experience for us, so I was looking for someone who could come in and act as a 1-on-1 consultant. We don't know this process, so working with an expert was crucial.”

It was important to consider that Timeplast’s crowdfunding campaign had a limited lifespan of 9 months, and they were already a couple of months into their search for an advertising partner. Hence, speed to delivery and a path to value were key considerations when deciding what advertising solution to choose. Enter Omneky!


When seeing a demo of Omneky’s platform, Tony was immediately impressed by the product's functionalities and how well it fit with Timeplast’s use case.

“Looking at Omneky’s product, it was clear that the platform was very easy to navigate, user-friendly, and positioning us for success because there were mechanisms in place which helped both parties ensure they were always on top of deliverables.”

Specifically, Tony found Omneky’s approval dashboard to be immensely valuable.

“The approval dashboard is great because it indicates when there has been a change. It’s a system that relies on customer feedback to develop, and if we didn't have the dashboard constantly alerting us, we wouldn't have been able to achieve the success that we have.”

While Omneky relies on workflow automation to streamline the ad creation and approval process for brands, the human element is often as crucial to success as the technology. This was especially evident in Tony’s case.

“I loved the high touchpoint from Omneky’s team. Omneky is a constant in our day with emails, alerts, and meetings. While Omneky is a technology company, they still rely on the human element to educate customers on their needs.”

A Winning Strategy

One of Omneky’s initial creative findings was that people responded very strongly to simply seeing the product. Armed with this insight, Omneky developed a creative strategy around testing ad styles/angles that showcased new and interesting ways that Timeplast’s product is impactful on the future of our planet. This took the form of clips of its development, such as Timeplast CEO Man Rendon drinking water that had dissolved Timeplast, and the dissolving of the product over time.

While creative was a key lever for Timeplast, Omneky’s team was also able to leverage its analytics platform to help drive data-informed media buying decisions.

“I was very impressed by Omneky’s media forecasting and benchmarking. The process was data-driven, and the team advised us when to scale up and throttle back ad spend. They were not using a cookie-cutter process or trying to have us spend as much as possible.”

Omneky’s campaign strategy revolved around leveraging the broad number of people interested in sustainability and the environment. Timeplast’s minimum investment was also just $100 (lower than many other crowdfunding companies), making it possible to distribute wider and focus on developing a large interest base rather than focusing solely on investors with extra money to spend. 

An AI-Powered Omnichannel Approach

Timeplast succeeded almost immediately post-launch, allowing Omneky to expand to multiple channels, getting ads running on Facebook, Google, Linkedin, and Twitter, and enabling Timeplast to deliver personalized and consistent messaging across numerous touchpoints. Employing this channel mix/diversification strategy, Timeplast exponentially increased its week-over-week investment value. 

Additionally, Omneky was able to leverage its generative AI tool to create compelling AI-generated ads, exploring entirely new angles through which Timeplast’s key value propositions could be communicated. 

“I wasn’t always aware of when Omneky was using AI-generated elements in ads, but I am a big fan of the possibilities it has opened up in terms of what made possible with regards to our imagery and storytelling, while also being a more cost-effective solution.”

What advice would Tony give to other crowdfunding companies considering paid ads as an avenue for raising more capital?

“There's nothing wrong in admitting when you don’t know what you do. We needed individuals who were experts in what they do, and that's what Omneky is when it comes to advertising. Working with their team will guide you to a more successful outcome!”

Ultimately, Omneky proved to be the right solution for Timeplast, bringing a perspective driven by data, and iterated upon by AI!


Key Factors of Success


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