Shiti Coolers

What started as a parody of the classic overpriced cooler, is now a multimillion-dollar lifestyle brand. SHITI Coolers founders Trevor and Austin Zacny simply wanted a way to express their lifestyle of using the same old rusty cooler rather than the exorbitant cost of a “high-end cooler.” The Zacny brothers created stickers to slap on their old coolers and it began to garner laughs and conversation and the rest is history. Since launching in 2016, SHITI Coolers sales have exploded and their brand has developed a cult following. SHITI has grown its product line from 3 products in 2017 to over 50 last year creating new ways for fans to rep the SHITI brand. As they continue to garner massive buzz over their products, SHITI needed a partner to help manage their Facebook advertising, establish an advertising presence on Snapchat and TikTok, and push the e-commerce sales to the next level.


Simply put, marketing on Facebook is challenging. Understanding what types of creatives drive purchase, which headline will increase CTR, or even what CTA will drive more link clicks is all a guessing game. Even for brands with a cult following like SHITI Coolers, understanding the drivers of Facebook’s algorithm is a key to success.

This is where Omneky changes the game. Long gone are the days of guessing and adjusting to succeed on Facebook, Omneky’s proprietary AI helps run seamless campaigns that maximize output. Omneky has experience working with large brands from various industries such as fashion, e-commerce, and consumer goods optimizing their ads and delivering amazing results.


Partnering with Open AI, Omneky can streamline everything about the digital advertising process for businesses. Simply plug in a few campaign goals and keywords and let Omneky handle the rest. It will automatically suggest images and generate ad copy based on the most recent conversion data giving you the most effective ads possible. And it doesn’t stop there. Omneky’s AI-powered analytics dashboard provides insightful data and visualizations so you dive deep into what’s going on with your ads. Omneky will tag all creatives and copy automatically so you can see elements that positively and negatively impact various KPI’s such as CTR and CPR. This way each new creative is launched based on actionable insights to create a positive feedback loop increasing the performance of your ads. Using the valuable data we received from ad performance, Omneky was able to introduce the SHITI brand to users on other display platforms including Snapchat and TikTok.

After an initial testing phase aimed at discovering the highest performing creatives and their elements contributing most to success, Omneky helped SHITI establish evergreen campaigns to boost overall marketing reach and find new customers through direct response advertising.


Over half a year of working collaboratively to develop a successful Facebook, Snapchat, Tikok, and SEO strategy for Shiti Coolers, Omneky has been able to achieve the following results:

  • Increase reach by 679%
  • Increase return on ad spend by 154%
  • Increase sales profit by 224%

Omneky continues to remain a strong partner for SHITI Coolers working to reach those who passionately connect to the brand through expanding their marketing presence.

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