Vial Health is a patient recruiting service that specializes in connecting patients to drug trials attempting to treat specific conditions. The Vial business model allows highly efficient clinical trials for sponsors and delivers paid incentives to patient participants. By partnering with experienced doctors, Vial is able to conduct a range of dermatology trials all over the country.

Vial’s challenge was to take the process of clinical trial recruitment into the 21st century by using digital advertising to more quickly and effectively recruit patients. The two biggest problems to overcome: digital ads efficiency, where Vial had to find higher quality patients to recruit, and the out-of-home advertising, where Vial needed to broadly reach individuals that were not as active online.


Omneky first worked with Vial to help with not only engaging in digital platforms, but also getting their patient qualification and recruitment strategy functional and scalable on Facebook. After proving efficiency on Facebook (and Vial utilizing that success to secure an initial round of funding), the Omneky team was then able to expand success to other platforms like Google Search which held high intent audiences for medical search queries.

Facebook was used to prospect through display and Google was utilized to capture highly qualified audiences searching terms around the conditions Vial was recruiting for. Through using our two-step, multi-platform approach, we were able to improve overall marketing efficiency by 52%.


While the multi-platform approach was able to cast a wide net over internet users, there was still a large gap with individuals who cannot be reached efficiently online. The next step was to tie together an integrated marketing plan to reach the out of home market through digital and radio.

Omneky then began testing radio, direct mail, and bus shelter advertising for each of their primary targets. By utilizing both out-of-home and digital, we were able to increase the efficiency of each platform by 17% as a result of higher awareness overall.


In our near year collaboration with Vial health, we have worked to deliver:

  • 72x Increase in Reach
  • 102x Increase in patients recruited

Omneky continues to be a strong partner to Vial Health and those working to develop better healthcare and propagate healthcare research.

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