H.way is a fintech focused on the US Hispanic consumer, with the purpose of transforming financial disparity into prosperity. The company creates financial products and services for the underserved Hispanic community, delivering innovative, culturally fluent money-managing experiences that fit their lifestyle. Being fully Hispanic-owned and operated, h.way deeply understands the U.S. Hispanic household money dynamics and unmet needs missed by the financial services industry. From fee-less bank accounts to AI-powered international remittance services, h.way believes that as emergent technology adopters who understand the value of Open Banking, U.S Hispanics must be at the center of product design and innovation in the U.S. financial services industry.


Serving a tech-savvy US Hispanic customer who’s grown tired of overpaying maintenance fees and commissions, h.way’s go-to-market model and structure must remain lean, efficient, and effective to pass on savings to its customers. The company also needed to test hundreds of messaging options to understand how to best articulate a rich, sophisticated value proposition to multiple sub-segments of the Hispanic community. Its leadership realized that the traditional agency model of creating, managing, and optimizing digital campaigns did not support the company’s low-overhead-passed-onto-the-customer strategy or the speed at which campaigns needed to be deployed and optimized.  Julio Arrieta, their global CMO, explains the challenge and opportunities: 

“Since we had been working Open AI’s GPT3 to develop our financial services products eliminating the significant time, people, and costs, we knew there had to be a partner that could bring the benefits of Artificial Intelligence to the digital marketing realm. Omneky was the answer to our prayers. They showed us how their end-to-end AI social media program platform leverages the power of DALL-E and GPT3 to brief, create, produce, deploy, place and optimize dozens of digital assets, within one week, in two languages and 1/10th of the cost.”


Julio quickly realized how Omneky’s solution and team streamlined the ad creation/optimization process so that the h.way marketing team could spend more time focusing on higher-level tactical strategies and less on operational tasks. On the agency side, the multi-layered, large teams of copywriters, media buyers, art directors, data analysts, account managers, and social media strategists with the corresponding dozens of meetings and rounds of reviews seen at typical agencies, were replaced by real-time, online interaction of a small, blended client-agency team with a passion for AI, efficiency, and results.  

Julio credited Omneky’s focus on business impact and financially measurable results. The platform’s cost-efficient lead generation engine and the dynamic use of DALL-E to secure culturally relevant imagery became unique differentiators that drove him to adopt the platform. The feature benefits explained in Omneky’s product demo convinced him that this was the right option for h.way: 

“Omneky made their platform immediately relevant to us because they understood that the Hispanic consumer we serve seamlessly moves from one language and culture to another, so multilingual functionality and a willingness to collaborate closely to develop culturally-relevant creative that goes beyond just language translations were key. It’s rare that players of emergent marketing technologies think of the diverse nature of the American mainstream, and are willing to collaborate with clients to shape their offering if there are any gaps to achieve the perfect fit.” 

Being able to take highly tedious tasks like replicating dozens of executions and tweaking copy in two languages to do multivariate testing, and the ability to place and optimize social media buys centralized on one platform helped save H-Way’s team hours spent on transcreation and tens of thousands of dollars of marketing costs. 

“Because everything happens on Omneky’s dashboard, we were managing something usually taking daily huddles, a weekly strategy meeting, and multiple creative review /approval meetings in a 30-minute session a week."

Omneky’s time to value helped h.way eliminate all operational inefficiencies by rapidly accelerating the launch timeline. Having been in the agency world himself, Julio couldn’t believe the rate at which Omneky delivered the first set of ads. 

”When Omneky delivered the first round of creative assets in two languages within a week of signing the partnership agreement, I was shocked. It can take weeks to onboard, brief, and get an agency to understand the business, brand and get the agency/client teams to collaborate effectively. Then another few weeks to develop the strategy, align on creative, and content, and arrive at the final product, so a new campaign with a new agency may take over a month to get off the ground. Omneky’s process is faster than any agency I’ve worked with.”  

The Strategy

Omneky’s strategy has always been to think about the ad creative as the main lever for targeting. This approach is implemented by running micro-segmented campaigns, with AI-generated content at the center of the creative strategy. Here’s how Aaron Surloff, Co-Founder  & COO at Omneky, described the process: 

”We are highly analytical in our approach. For h.way, we had one audience divided into several sub-segments the client provided and optimized numerous pieces of creative per week for each sub-segment. This allowed us to better understand how combining the creative and the targeting yield results.” 

Armed with generative AI, Omneky had the opportunity to communicate H-Way’s key product benefits with creative that would not have been possible otherwise. 

“Omneky’s use of DALL-E helped us address the most prevalent challenges in marketing to the U.S. Hispanics: the lack of photography overlaying situations relevant to our community, a category, and a product within a culturally relevant situation,” said Arrieta. 

With this prompt and drawing inspiration from Chevron cards design, H-way had created an entirely new aspect to their branding. They used this imagery not only to brand their future creative, but also for numerous other pieces of marketing content, such as their email campaigns and organic social media posts. Surloff goes on to state: 

“AI-generated ads save a lot of time on static images, because it's really just a fine-tuning of Dall-E images. The future of creative for us is going to be about writing the best mini-briefs, so our prompt engineering can help the AI can help generate and place the best piece of creative and copy for our target audience.”

At Omneky, we like to think about the practice of writing mini-briefs for AI models as prompt engineering. How do you create the right queries for the AI, and then use the output to guide your high-level strategy and segmentation in the campaigns?


What makes Omneky unique from other marketing tech services out there? For h.way, it came down to providing a solution directly relevant to his industry and accurate benchmarking. 

”When you see Omneky’s dashboard, see a client they are working with just like you, look at how Omneky is optimizing their campaigns and what they are doing with the creative, it became a no-brainer for me that this is what we needed.” 

While Omneky’s offer was highly compelling, the performance ultimately spoke volumes for h.way

”The proof that if properly engineered and managed AI works is in the results. When you can beat the industry Cost-per-lead install by ten times and trim cost and development time to 1/10th, one can truly understand the tremendous potential of this emergent technology,” commented Arrieta 

In fact, h.way’s TikTok’s creative was one of the top-performing auction ads, scoring in the top 4  ads in terms of performance within the financial services industry.  Ultimately, Omneky proved to be the right solution for H-Way, bringing a perspective driven by data insights, and iterated upon by AI!

Omneky continues to be a key partner of h.way and its mission to help the Hispanic community prosper through innovative mobile-based financial services.

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