What if you could effectively cook meals with the power of the sun? This is the question that GoSun set out to answer. A few wildly successful fundraising campaigns later, GoSun not only makes the best solar ovens on the market, but has rapidly developed its product range to include solar freezers, campers, boats, and other cutting-edge solar tech.


GoSun’s objective was to drive E-Commerce sales across multiple platforms and capture demand with their flash sale strategy. The previous approach was fragmented across digital marketing platforms and GoSun was seeking a partner to drive efficiencies at scale. This is where Omneky came in.


Omneky’s strategy harnessed the power of AI and data analytics to unlock impressive results. By blending cutting-edge AI algorithms with comprehensive data analysis, we empowered GoSun to reach its target audience with highly personalized, impactful content. Omneky’s team and tools optimized campaigns towards the target Return on Ad Spend (ROAS) across platforms.

Omenky ingested GoSun's historical advertising data and AI identified the winning creatives by analyzing behavioral patterns and preferences of the target audience. We ran campaign framework tests to identify the most effective ad account structure, and determined that a segmentation based on product rather than audience interest maximizes sales. This structure aligned well with Omneky’s creative A/B testing capabilities as it enabled our AI visual analysis algorithm to pinpoint the ad elements that resulted in higher sales on a per-product basis. In turn, we were able to iterate on winning visual presentations of each product, thus optimizing sales. The whole process was assisted by Omneky’s creator team, to rapidly develop highly personalized and effective ads to run tests and capitalize on effective visuals.

“GoSun is constantly trying new things and breaking molds, and we’re pleased Omneky has been able to adapt to our many market and promotion exercises. Omneky has maintained professionalism and clear thinking throughout our relationship.”

        -Patrick Sherwin, CEO

GoSun’s performance and promotional Ads
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The E-Commerce campaigns demonstrated substantial efficiency across the Facebook/Meta and Google platforms, with ads driving an average of 20% of total sales volume. GoSun successfully generated a +10% incremental lift during the first year.

Omneky’s AI-driven rapid content generation workflow kept pace with GoSun's frequent flash sales, delivering fresh, engaging, and product-tailored marketing content. Our omnichannel testing included Facebook/Meta, Google, TikTok and Reddit. Through research and testing across TikTok and Reddit, it was determined that audiences converted at a lower target rate for GoSun. However, our research determined that these two platforms serve as a powerful, cost-effective awareness tool, with Cost Per Mille (CPM) in most cases 50% cheaper than on other platforms. Omneky’s testing has thus empowered GoSun to make future decisions on awareness objectives based on benchmarks from our campaigns. This underscores our proactive approach to exploring multi-channel platforms with creative testing to find the most effective channels for growth. 

The results from Facebook and Google, coupled with the valuable learning experiences from TikTok and Reddit, affirm the potential and adaptability of AI-driven marketing strategies. If you’re trying to boost your E-Commerce sales, check out the Omneky Platform Demo and schedule time to talk to us to get started!

Key Factors of Success

GoSun’s awareness Ads


Omneky is an AI-driven ad tech platform and a leader and innovator in the generative ad space. Omneky utilizes state-of-the-art deep learning and omnichannel creative testing to empower customers to launch unified and personalized brand experiences across all digital touchpoints.

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