Paintru’s mission is to make the custom portraiture market more accessible to consumers everywhere. For a long time, custom artwork was only available to those who had the ability to pay large sums to individual artists, but now Paintru has built a business that can create high-quality custom paintings at scale. Founded in 2018 by JD and Liza Kameen, the business has a strong team at the helm with an even better story. JD attended the US Naval Academy for his undergraduate degree, before serving in the US Marine Corps for 6 years. After his deployment, he married Liza and the two of them decided to start a business together. Now they proudly employ many veterans in their mission to bring custom portraiture to the masses. After a few years in business, Paintru wanted to take their business to the next level and scaling their marketing was an essential part of that process. With personalization being integral to the business, they chose Omneky to do what we do best: create personalized ads at scale.


Marketing on Facebook can be daunting, as the seemingly nebulous algorithm takes the many inputs from the creative, primary text, headline, etc., and serves it to a self-selected target market. No matter the experience behind the marketer, guesswork has always been a part of the process – until now. Partnering with Open AI, Omneky’s proprietary AI technology and platform takes the uncertainty out of digital marketing. Through clear analytics, visualization and AI-driven ad generation, Omneky is changing the way digital marketing is done and has helped countless companies like Paintru scale their growth.


Our platform is first and foremost a custom solution. By simply inputting goals for your campaigns, the KPIs for which you want to optimize, and keywords related to your business, Omneky will suggest effective copy and images based on the most recent conversion data. It doesn’t just stop with the generation: thanks to our state of the art analytics dashboard, Omneky tags all creatives and copy, and identifies elements that positively and negatively impact KPIs, such as CTR and CPR. Any new creative launched is therefore armed with insights to create a positive feedback loop which constantly increases the performance of your ads.


Paintru used our services to produce Facebook and Instagram Ads. Our team of designers used data from our deep learning algorithms to produce content with imagery relevant to those who are most passionate about portraiture. We then paired the creative with copy that encouraged customers to explore Paintru’s website and discover the perfect portrait for their home.

During the month of November, Paintru saw an:

  • 33% increase in purchases volume m/m
  • 86.86% decrease in cost/purchase m/m
  • 795% increase in return on ad spend m/m
  • 10.23x return on ad spend

*m/m = month over month

We love seeing great results and satisfied customers and we are especially proud to help grow a veteran-run business!

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