Runa HR

When Omneky partnered with Runa HR, the Mexico-based SaaS software platform had a wide range of services to offer and an even deeper library of creative. We were tasked with creating a strong narrative across Facebook and Google.

In our partnership, the main challenge we faced included illustrating a succinct and persuasive narrative to small Mexico-based companies. Specifically, we needed to convey the narrative that Runa ultimately saves small businesses money through it’s one-stop-shop, self-service human resources software. On top of that, not only does Runa abet HR’s productivity, but also offers a range of benefits to the employees of Runa’s client companies.

Initially, Omneky’s strategy was to produce a curation of iterated evergreen ads for prospecting Facebook. Once Omneky’s AI has a chance to give feedback on top performing features, Omneky was then able to launch ads focused on particular product features to test ad copy with.

The next step was to retarget the audience based on the initial prospecting campaign on Facebook. Finally, launching a lead lookalike from the previous months’ leads has proved to generate the most and least expensive leads on Facebook for Runa.

For Google, Runa’s strategy was to deploy a Performance Max campaign using top performing Facebook ads and key search terms.

Thus, Omneky is able to iterate on past success and continue to build communicative ads that both capture the attention of viewers and establish strong and informative copy tests.


SaaS company Runa HR wanted to lower lead costs and maintain a stable influx of lead generation through paid social. With a tight grip on branding, the Mexico-based cloud software platform that facilitates human resources management helps make payroll a pleasure, however, creating and testing their own awareness campaigns in-house proved challenging.


Omneky's commitment to results through data analysis led to a strong prospecting campaign and carefully curated a retargeting campaign to maximize results. Ultimately, this helped Runa decrease cost/lead by 90% and increase leads 2x for FB ads.

  • Targeted awareness lookalike using Omneky’s GPT-3 to iterate on ads and deliver them in a cadence that ensured maximum engagement
  • Launched context-specific listicle ads reflecting current marketing trends to increase awareness of the full scope of cloud products that Runa offers in a streamlined and simple-to-understand way


Prior to Omneky, testing ad creative involved a lot of noise and unpredictability for Runa. Omneky's data-driven approach to ad creatives mitigated these concerns while simultaneously lowering the cost of testing ad creatives.


  • Runa HR now has a data-driven approach to designing creatives, as Omneky uses computer vision to identify ad features that drive results in the prospecting campaigns, and continue to iterate on them in retargeting campaigns to maximize on potential leads
  • Utilizing GPT-3, Omneky iterated on headline and body copies based on audience demographics to create a deeper connection between users and Runa’s core messaging
  • Runa’s tight grip on branding and already beautiful library of creative was carefully curated by Omneky to optimize for top-performing ads

Key Factors of Success


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