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Did you know that the minimum balance needed to open an investment account in Egypt is unaffordable for most of the population? Thndr is an investment app aiming to democratize investment in Egypt, the Middle East, and North Africa (MENA) region. The app reduces friction for investors looking to open a new brokerage account, empowering Egyptian investors with financial freedom.

Gone are the days of Egyptian investors spending hours at branches, worrying about high upfront costs, and seeking out financial literacy training programs. By downloading the Thndr app, investors have access to a robust educational product that teaches them how to manage money in a way that leads to long-term financial success.


Thndr is disrupting investing in the MENA region with a lean team. They explored paid advertising as a growth channel for driving app installs, targeting numerous interests, lookalikes, and custom audiences across the MENA region through Facebook ads. Thndr also launched an app campaign on Google, hoping to drive as much traffic as possible to their mobile app, and find those high-intent users that could help trigger viral growth mechanisms. 

When evaluating performance, Thndr quickly realized that they had a great understanding of their target audience, and a repository of copy that was dialed in for that audience. However, they lacked a process that efficiently put all the pieces together to test creative in an efficient, data-driven manner. Further complicating matters was that Thndr began pushing paid ads while rebranding, making it challenging for their in-house designer to create ads from old brand assets, and limiting the marketing team's ability to iterate on insights from previous ads. 

Turning to their ad accounts for answers, Thndr noticed that implementing different media buying strategies had minimal effect on performance. As a result, the team settled on the hypothesis that suboptimal creative was why they weren't meeting their ROI targets. However, it wasn't just the ability to make better creative that Thndr needed, but it was the need to generate these ads at scale, which among other things, meant: 

Thndr could have partnered with an ad agency, but that would require weeks of waiting for creative and 60 - 90 days before seeing results, on top of the retainer pricing model. At this point, it became clear that Thndr needed a scalable creative workflow. A process they could trust under any circumstance, and one that could adapt to the ever-changing needs of a fast-growing startup. That's where Omneky entered the frame!

“ Omneky helped us achieve more effective and efficient user acquisition results. Their platform is so powerful when it comes to creating, analyzing, and iterating ads. We enjoy working with the Omneky team so much that we see them as a valuable extension of the marketing and growth team at Thndr.

        - Abdelrahman Azzam ( Growth Lead at Thndr )


Thndr was fascinated with Omneky's ability to scale creative with AI. In particular, Omneky's application of AI to transform hundreds of brand assets into an entire library of creative, iterated on with data-driven insights.

Omneky also offered Thndr the quickest possible means through which they could recognize value, prioritizing speed to delivery so that Thndr had actionable results within a week of signing up. While most agencies spend weeks on account audits and strategies before developing creative, Omneky leveraged the power of workflow automation to streamline the process.

Omneky’s Time to Value (TTV)

Day 1: Technical Configurations & Brand Assets

Omneky gains access to Thndr's ad accounts, connects them to the platform, and organizes brand assets in the Digital Asset Library. Armed with this information, Omneky's AI engine can tag visual and copy elements of each ad, provide insights on the creative elements that are driving performance, and even seed the generation of new ads.

Day 4: Launch!

Within 72 hours of onboarding, Omneky delivers the first batch of creative for review. After approval, the ads are launched on Thndr's respective advertising platforms.

Day 7 Onwards: Iterate!

Initial results allow Omneky’s AI to learn and iterate on top performing creatives for future batches of ads. 

A Single Pane of Glass

Along with accelerating creative workflows, Omneky's platform allowed Thndr to view their omnichannel brand assets, performance metrics, ad copy, and creative in one central hub. Most valuable was Omneky's approval dashboard, serving as the primary communication medium between Thndr's marketing team and Omneky creators. Thndr primarily advertised to a MENA audience, so all of their copy had to be written in Arabic. In order to effectively nail the messaging for Arabic-speaking users, Omneky relied on its handy annotation tool, allowing creators to deliver ads with English copy, from which Thndr's team screen-grabbed text from specific frames in the ad to input the appropriate Arabic translation. Ultimately, this ease of translation on Omneky's approval dashboard made for a more seamless customer experience.     


Creative As The Distribution

Before Omneky, Thndr operated within the framework that extensive audience testing would be the biggest lever in performance. Working with Omneky showed Thndr that maximizing distribution meant creating and testing all the different types of content needed to reach their target audiences. This included everything from their Sharia-compliant fund, to investment opportunities, to the various mediums through which Thndr provides financial education. In fact, Omneky created thousands of variations of all these value propositions to tell Thndr's story in the most authentic manner possible. Layering on creative as the distribution, Thndr reached new audiences and scaled monthly ad budgets without having to overhaul their current campaign structures!

Ultimately, Omneky proved to be the right solution to Thndr's paid advertising needs, bringing a perspective driven by hyper-personalized testing and iterated upon by AI!


  • 2.28x increase in Registrations
  • 58% decrease in Cost per Registration
  • 3.15x increase in App Installs

Omneky continues to be a strong partner of Thndr and its mission to make investing more accessible in Egypt and the wider MENA region.

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