What is Artificial Intelligence Marketing?

You already know what marketing demands. You know how important it is to know your subject, product, and your audience's preferences. You already know your purpose. Your purpose is to sell the product or service by getting your audience to pay attention. You know all the principles of getting the reader beyond their doubts. But, today, we must go further.

Artificial intelligence marketing is an extension of the human element. It takes the creativity of the traditional marketing process and adds mathematical certainty. Artificial Intelligence marketing creates the ability for computers to read through ads, blog posts, and webpages to help humans better understand how customers react to and engage with advertisements.

In content marketing, harnessing the valuable insights found in analyzing historical data (those ads, blogs, and webpages) is the key to extending human creativity and helping businesses better connect with their customers.

What artificial intelligence marketing is not.

AI marketing is not about marketing automation. Rather, it is digital marketing at its best. It supports the personalization of customer's digital experience more efficiently than a team of humans could. When human teams utilize artifical intelligence marketing, user preferences and historical attitudes are identified with higher precision. With this, your customers always get relevant content from their favorite content creators, and you spend less for more engagement.

But, how does artificial intelligence work? What is the current state of AI advertising? What makes Omneky special in the Adtech space?

AI in Advertising Today

The current state of advertising with AI is best explained by dispelling a myth. Artificial intelligence is not going to replace marketers. It's not going to automate and annihilate the jobs that people rely on to make a living. But, it is going to set a new standard for personalized content.

Many companies like Facebook, Google, and Microsoft use AI to better connect their customers with additional features that customers may want. They deliver these features through in-app experiences, email marketing, and virtual assistants. Using artifical intelligence this way provides a personalized experience to each customer, increasing customer satisfaction.

You too can use artifical intelligence to better personalize your advertisements for your customers, increasing satisfaction and engagement. With the Omneky platform, your advertisements can be transformed into powerful tools that further the excitement of your brand.

What Artificial Intelligence Can Do

So, what is AI able to do in advertising? In the marketing context, AI is able to understand the customer that brands are advertising toward. With this understanding, artifical intelligence can help marketers engage more meaningfully with their audience, and create better trust between customers and brands.

A strategic tool with accurate insights and recommendations (like the Onneky platform) offers a competitive advantage. While your competitor spends countless hours honing their content, and spends countless dollars on classic A/B testing, you can create better content for less, all with artifical intelligence.

Let's look next at what makes Omneky the best solution to your marketing needs.

Artificial Intelligence Advertising Solutions

Artificial intelligence marketing tools and ideas are not hard to come by. There are many companies that use AI (like Facebook). Many specialize in personalization through insightful recommendations (like Omneky). As marketing platforms, there are tools like Astro, Clara, Cortex, and many others. But Omneky is special.

Omneky’s approach to marketing specializes in Facebook ad creation and refinement. It's the perfect tool for advertisement analytics and insightful recommendations that take your ads to the next level.

Omneky does not specialize purely in marketing content creation. Rather, it's an approach to content marketing similar to a "spell-checker". It can review advertisements and recommend changes that increase customer engagement with mathematical certainty. Marketers who use Omneky see 8x more engagement on average!

With Omneky's platform, you can understand the strength of your ad before spending a single ad dollar, eliminating the need for costly A/B testing. If you're a marketer looking for insights that will drive customer engagement, or a small business owner looking to create effective ads, try Omneky today.

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