How AI Helps You Compete with Big Data

Small firms encounter a challenge when it comes to marketing. Spaces are increasingly competitive, and boutique agencies are expected to attain all the amazing results of large, resource-rich firms. At the same time, they are expected to achieve these amazing results without the power and products large firms throw at the problem of growing consumer data and competitive marketing spaces.

Omneky hopes you realize a simple promise of AI: to level the playing field between resource-rich and resource-strapped agencies. With a simple-to-use AI tool, small firms can finally harness the insights larger firms have enjoyed for years. They can then deploy creative campaigns with confidence previously impossible for a small agency.

In this post, we suggest the competitive power of a firm can be significantly impacted from the use of increasingly capable AI tools that address huge data sets by processing messages and images through machine learning and computer vision.

Discovering Competitive AI

Many know that AI is not a recent discovery, but it is making recent strides in its ability and applicability. One expert, Paul Greenberg, says, “AI has been around for many years, it’s just now reaching a level of maturity to be of value for more businesses.” And, the value for businesses, especially small firms, promises to be that companies and CMOs can do more with fewer resources.

Even small firms can find relief in an artificial intelligence product they can test and use before purchasing. Instead of devoting precious time and resources to the detangling of complex customer data and to the live testing of new ad campaigns, CMOs and small companies can allow AI to deliver timely insights and predict the outcome of campaigns based on historical data.

In fact, Greenberg says “the demand is high for AI from companies that are large and complex to help them deal with varying needs at scale, as well as smaller companies who are using it to solve customer service issues or minimize service query responses.” This suggests that artificial intelligence can help level competition when small firms compete with those of seemingly unlimited resources.

What’s more, recent developments in AI signal a fundamental change in our relationship to data. Greenberg reports that “AI has improved enough in recent years that it has gone from predictive to prescriptive, meaning it can suggest the prospect to call that is most likely to result in a sale or the best combination of offers to construct a successful marketing campaign.” That means tools like Omneky can save small firms time and money by cutting the need to deal with data through billable hours and by making campaigns smarter and more successful.

Compete, Save, and Free Your Firm with AI

In the marketing environment that generates more data points than ever (no matter your firm’s size), companies using AI and algorithms to present data to their creatives have found a way out of the data jungle. Small and large firms using AI feel confident in the creative of their teams as AI points them in the right direction with prescriptive and predictive insights for their campaigns.

This is true in the Facebook campaign space with Omneky. Computer vision and natural language processing allows Omneky to see and understand your ads as your ideal customer through advanced personas. Using these models, it can mathematically determine which campaigns will succeed, by how much, and with which appeals—before you spend a single ad dollar.

Demo Omneky to see how our AI can help you keep pace with the largest firms (already using AI), save resources by predicting campaign outcomes, and free yourself from data fatigue, lost time, and wasted ad dollars.

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