Save 10x in marketing costs

As a startup looking to build a community around your product, the chances are that paid advertising on platforms like Facebook and Twitter sounds like an enticing prospect. However, consider how much money companies spend on inefficient content before implementing this strategy. Regardless of whether or not the growth channel returns a positive ROI, numerous resources go into building cross-functional teams that create and distribute content. Creating highly shareable content is one thing, but making sure it receives necessary widespread distribution to build brand awareness is only possible with constant iteration.

At Omneky, we eliminate the guesswork involved in advertising by using AI to generate ads at scale. As a result, our customers are equipped with a wealth of information and unique consumer insights that help them make data-driven advertising decisions. The Omneky platform offers you a cost-reducing, time-saving method of running ads while improving performance threefold (2.7x average ROAS).

10x cheaper than hiring in-house

Here are Glassdoor yearly salary estimates for the kinds of qualified personnel you might need to push a paid advertising growth strategy:

  • Performance Marketer: $124,000
  • Data Scientist: $146,000
  • Designer: $70,000

At Omneky, we do the work of all three positions starting at $2,800 per month ($33,600 per year). Our customers have fully automated their online advertising and eliminated the need for multiple full-time hires. As a result, they can free up funds to invest elsewhere, such as leveling up engineering and product teams.

Save time by making advertising as easy as clicking "approve."

Between the work done by performance marketers, designers, and data scientists to create and test online ads, we estimate that Omneky saves marketing teams at least 15 hours a week.

As a marketer, you can now spend less time on activities that might seem redundant, like modifying CTA's or ad placements, and have the freedom to make the kinds of high-level strategic decisions that move the needle for your business.

With Omneky, you can choose what ads to run with a simple click on our approval dashboard. Our customers use the image and video annotation tool on the Omneky dashboard to provide specific feedback about changes for each ad creative or general feedback on the batch to make sure it aligns with their brand.

Create high-performing ads by fighting fire with fire

It's no secret that online advertising platforms are optimized for engagement. Their algorithms test creatives by giving each one a small number of impressions and then distributing the ones that receive the most engagement. Figuring out how these algorithms work is also challenging because they constantly update their targeting with new data on consumer insights, audience demographics, and conversion metrics.

We believe that creating high-performing ads in this new online advertising environment is as simple as having "more shots on goal." The more creatives you have, the more likely one of these creatives breaks through algorithmic filters and receives widespread distribution.

Omneky's strategy is to employ a brute force performance approach to online advertising! Here's how we do it:

  • We use AI to tap into audience demographics and consumer insights.
  • We test thousands of creatives a week.
  • We have a data-driven approach to developing ad creative, using the insights from our algorithm to optimize for ad features that are driving results.
  • We perform hyper-personalized AB testing of body and headline copies, using GPT-3 to help our customers achieve language/market fit with their ads.
  • We deliver unified and personalized brand experiences across all customer touchpoints

OpenAI CEO Sam Altman recently predicted that creative fields would be the first to feel the influence of AI. Writing great copy was once the work of highly skilled performance marketers, A/B testing creatives was once the work of analytically adept data scientists, and generating graphics was once the work of creative designers. Omneky aims to use AI not to replace all these great people, but to give them a highly efficient tool that they can work with to help skyrocket growth for their company.

Silicon Valley success stories like Pilot and Checkr have trusted Omneky to help power their growth, and we are proud to have partnered with businesses from all industries in our quest to democratize growth for small businesses!

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