We've helped hundreds of businesses scale their ads, and here are 5 powerful insights we've discovered by helping them.

At Omneky, we've helped businesses grow by providing them a tool to eliminate the guesswork from online advertising. With each new customer, we gain more valuable insights that we can continue to optimize for in future campaigns, giving our customers the information they need to make data-informed advertising decisions.

Omneky's strategy of employing a brute force performance approach to online advertising has resulted in many data-driven insights that have guided our advertising strategy! Here's what we've discovered:

1. Testing new creative every week helps you discover high-performing ads.

At Omneky, we test thousands of creatives a week and have tried every combination of creatives under the sun to improve ad performance. We find that brands testing a new creative every week get a 30 percent lower cost per acquisition on average.

It's no secret that testing more creative leads to higher-performing ads. The more creatives you have, the more likely one of these creatives breaks through algorithmic filters of online advertising platforms and receives widespread distribution. When you find a winning ad, you can scale it and utilize it across multiple platforms. This way, you're not wasting ad spend on ineffective new ads and spending more time scaling the ads that work best. Remember, you're not in the market to build an advertising business, and companies like Omneky are there to test new creative at a frequency that guarantees you optimized campaigns.

2. Shorter ads are better for brand awareness, especially for E-commerce businesses.

Omneky’s analyze platform evaluates how the length of an ad correlates with conversion metrics. Our customers can analyze conversion metrics for ads:

  • <10 seconds
  • 10-30 seconds
  • >30 seconds

Omneky finds that, on average, ads <10 seconds in length correlate with a 30% increase in CTR for E-commerce companies. Intuitively, shorter ads are able to get to the point faster by putting the product in front of viewers’ within a couple of seconds. As a result, CTRs are likely to increase because people’s attention is being captured quicker. When designing ads for E-commerce clients, Omneky often leverages the power of dynamic ads! We believe that you need to be creating the most personalized experience possible for your audience, and ads that can display your entire product catalog in less than 10 seconds are a game-changer.

Additionally, we now live in a mobile-first world, meaning that viewing habits are changing. Shorter ads are optimized for mobile, and people consume digital advertising at times that are inconvenient to show long ads.

3. Unsure what CTA to use? "Learn More" is always a safe bet!

Your landing page is the most valuable resource at your disposal in educating prospective customers about the benefits of your product or service, and the evergreen "Learn More" can be a wonderfully minimalist CTA to encourage them to dig deeper into your website. Omneky's platform revealed an insight that supported this idea, with "Learn More" being the most used CTA for over 60% of our clients and correlating with higher CTRs on average.  

Many of Omneky's clients are startups, promoting a solution to a problem that people don't even know exists. Prospective customers will be looking to do their due diligence on your product, seeking out powerful testimonials and meticulosity-crafted product specs before being pushed down the conversion funnel. Thus, it becomes necessary to drive leads instead of overselling during the early stages of an online advertising campaign.

With "Learn More," you can begin building a relationship with customers and increasing overall engagement, with hopes of later discovering your power users.

4. More faces in ads increase performance.

Advertising is all about attention, and additional faces in ads make them more likely to hold people's attention. Omneky found that >2 faces in image ads correlate with a 36.5% decrease in Cost/Lead on average.

At the most basic level, faces are naturally eye-catching, and they increase attention, resulting in more people remembering your ads. Consider your product and how you want your viewers to respond to it. If you're looking for high levels of engagement, multiple faces in ads can help activate the "social brain" and make viewers more engaged with an ad. In particular, smiling and friendly faces tap into our desire for social connections. Ads with a single face are still effective, but the group dynamic evoked by ads with multiple faces might be the secret to drawing in more viewers.

5. 15-30 characters (approximately 3-6 words) in the headline copy is the sweet spot.

The topic of headline length is much-debated in the online advertising world. Omneky's dashboard revealed that 15-30 characters in the headline copy correlate with a 34% decrease in cost per lead. Our data is in accordance with usability research reported by KISSmetrics, suggesting that the ideal length of a headline is 6 words, as we tend to absorb only the first three words and the last three words of a headline.

Creating an exciting yet straightforward headline is not always easy, and finding the best way to communicate your value proposition concisely can be a real differentiator for your brand. For example, the highest-performing ad for Omneky client MeetKai had the headline "Gunakan Suaramu" (16 characters), an Indonesian phrase translating to use your voice in English. This headline correlated with a 12% increase in CTR and did a great job of communicating MeetKai's message in a memorable fashion.


Creative is becoming more important than ever for online advertising, and successfully navigating this new environment demands that marketers take advantage of data insights to make better decisions. Omenky’s data-driven approach to ad creative is centered around optimizing for features that drive results. Whether it’s the headline, length of the ad, image features, copy features, video features, or the CTA, Omneky brings a fresh perspective to online advertising. Silicon Valley success stories like Pilot and Checkr have trusted Omneky to help power their growth, and we are proud to have partnered with businesses from all industries in our quest to democratize growth for small businesses!

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