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Exciting Dashboard Updates: Unveiling Version 2.0

Exciting Dashboard Updates: Unveiling Version 2.0

We're delighted to introduce a wave of major updates across our suite of dashboards. Our team has diligently been gathering user feedback and implementing enhancements to significantly elevate your user experience.

What’s New in Analyze 2.0

Our Analyze dashboard has received a major makeover, emphasizing ease of use and streamlined navigation.

Refined Navigation and Visualization

We've restructured the left side of the dashboard, introducing new sections to help you quickly and efficiently locate information. We've also optimized the performance graph and relocated the metrics table beneath it, ensuring an unobstructed view of your campaign details.

Streamlined Metrics and Enhanced Insights

Negative phrases and corresponding categories like "Worst Media" and "Worst Text" have been removed to create a more intuitive sorting experience. We've reorganized analytics insights for improved readability and ease of access, and we've replaced "Text Features that influence impressions" and "Media Features that influence impressions" with the more simplified "Insights."

Effective Tag Performance Analysis and Customizable Settings

We've introduced a "Top Trending Tag Suggestions" section and have simplified filters to streamline tag performance analysis. We've also added a "Settings" feature where you can select metrics for different ad platforms.

What’s New in Generate 2.0

The Generate dashboard is better than ever, with a slew of enhancements that boost its user-friendliness and overall power.

Keywords and Descriptions for Copy Generation

Our text generation section now allows customers to input text/sentences along with keywords and even select their desired language.

Product Generation Pro and Generate Background

Our "Product Generation Pro" feature facilitates speedy image content generation, with a "Generate Variations" option providing alternatives for the generated image content. The new "Generate Background" option offers greater flexibility in image creation.

Improved Ad Preview and Enhanced Navigation

We've improved our ad preview for better accuracy and convenience. Moreover, we've streamlined platform navigation by adding a dropdown menu in the Generate tab.

What’s New in Approve 2.0

Approve dashboard is now more efficient and streamlined, thanks to a series of significant improvements.

Streamlined Creative Briefs and Enhanced Collaboration

The creative brief section is now more organized, and users can add general notes for their creative briefs to facilitate collaboration.

Enhanced Creative Brief Generation and Efficient Creative Iteration

The creative brief generation process has been optimized, and users can now generate a ChatGPT-style brief with minimal input. We've also streamlined the creative iteration process to boost efficiency and seamlessness.

Mood board

Our new Mood board Functionality gives users a visual preview of how their AI-generated ads might look based on their brief.

What’s New in Library 2.0

Our Library dashboard has been reimagined to be more user-friendly and visually appealing.

Organized Brand Identity and AI-Generated Media

Fonts, brand guidelines, and logos are now housed in the Brand Identity tab, and AI-generated media is conveniently located in a dedicated section.

Improved Asset Management and Collaboration

The library layout has been redesigned for easier navigation and aesthetic appeal. New features enable enhanced functionality like file details addition and comments, making collaboration more streamlined and organization easier.

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