How To Create High Performing Ads On 5 Different Platforms

Optimizing your ads for different platforms is difficult, because it often depends on the platform and its users. By managing ad accounts for hundreds of clients across dozens of advertising platforms, Omneky has developed an ability to create brand-aligned, legible ads, that utilize strong messaging and expand upon the client's creative.

This article looks at what makes an effective ad across different platforms. We analyze five ads across Facebook, Google, TikTok, TV ads, and Snapchat, dissecting the design elements of these ads and platform-specific features that make them suited to each respective platform.

Facebook Ads 

Test long-form ads through product demos! 

At Omneky, we push the idea of "product-led creative" by creating and testing thousands of FB ads in the form of long-form product demos. A few key advantages of product demos are:

  • More room to get inventive with your messaging
  • The ability to share information about your product or service
  • Demonstrating how the product actually works

In this Checkr ad, we zoom in and out of product features at a reasonable pace, showing viewers how Checkr automates the hiring workflow by providing detailed background checks. Additionally, we use descriptive captions for each part of the ad. The first caption highlights the speed at which you can perform background checks with Checkr. The second draws the viewer's attention toward the unique value proposition that Checkr offers: getting your first background check for free!

Omneky creates a step-by-step product demonstration of Checkr's software, enabling viewers to understand individual product frames. A product demo is anti-clickbait by nature, because it demonstrates the user journey 

with the product by walking the viewer through the entire workflow. Specifically, users of Checkr's product can understand exactly how to perform a candidate's background check. 

Google Ads: 

Work across languages and run campaigns across multiple countries

The best way to reach global audiences is through Google Ads. Thndr, a commission-free Egyptian stock product, wanted to reach customers searching for their product in multiple languages and countries. Using Google Ads allowed Omneky to create an ad that would run internationally. The search intent for a commission-free product is relatively high, and Omneky found success targeting individuals in the MEA region (where investing is relatively easy and accessible). 

In this ad, we highlight the unique value propositions of Thndr, like how it is a Sharia-compliant product and low risk, both crucial selling points to an Egyptian audience.

TikTok Ads: 

Showcase in-house illustration capabilities that expand upon brands story

In this TikTok ad for Mighty Health, we create an original drawing of a woman stretching to capture Mighty Health's appeal as a health app for older women in a visually appealing way. A custom illustration also allows us to customize Mighty Health's ad to align with the brand's bright orange and white color schemes, which is hard to do with a more conventional ad. 

Vertical video ads on Tiktok are optimal for maximizing performance and improving user experience. The use of vertical video allows Mighty Health to frame the product appealingly. Omneky focuses on the key value proposition of simple workouts for older people—the way the woman is stretching gives viewers a visual cue about the simplicity of what the brand offers. At the same time, the plain background lets the viewer's imaginations fill in the details of what these workouts would actually look like. 

Stretching is a standard component of any workout routine, so Omneky created an ad for Mighty Health that shows a simple stretch in an engaging manner, while still getting across the idea of a high flexibility and low impact workout. We do this by incorporating motion graphics animation to add life to what would otherwise be a static image. The use of motion creates a sense of constant movement in the ad, making the viewer feel like they're watching a high-energy workout. Additionally, it conveys that a workout doesn't have to be complicated or intense to be effective. The fast pace of the animation gets across the idea that taking fitness seriously is something that can be done with minimal effort.

TV Ads: 

Quick and punchy messaging to convey the brand's message

When it comes to creating a successful TV ad campaign, time matters. In this Yotta ad, Omneky ensured that each second was an opportunity for viewers to encounter the product without getting distracted by anything else. This includes a steady dose of motion graphics animations and voiceovers to get messages across. Furthermore, we took advantage of the direct-response nature of CTV through unique and engaging ways of highlighting Yotta's value props. The key ones we highlight are: 

  • Win up to $10M a week
  • No Fee
  • The ability to withdraw anytime 

Our analytics platform revealed that ads in the 15-30 second range garnered the cheapest cost of acquisition. But if you're trying to get your message across quickly, it's important not to lose sight of the fact that the purpose of TV is still to sell products. Our copy overlay of "Win Up to $10 million every week" helps communicate that message while also evoking a sense of excitement amongst viewers.  

When dealing with the CTV ad, it is essential to take advantage of the ability to test the time-of-day placement of ads and geographic fencing to see what best resonates with viewers. Through fencing off some geographic areas and using different channels or times at different times of day, Omneky was able to optimize creative better.

Snapchat Ads: 

Make noise, create stunning visuals, and compelling but concise CTA’s

Snapchat's research indicated that 64% of their ads were viewed with sound. In this ad for, Omneky begins with dynamic footage of Ethereum icons and loud music to grab the audience's attention. Snapchatters are very responsive to sound, so we focus on using a catchy sound effect to get as much information across as possible in the first few seconds of this ad.  

Your copy is what's going to convince someone to click on your ad in the first place—so make sure it's short, sweet, and enticing! The "buy $20 get $5 sign up promo" in this ad is a short and simple message, but the CTA is compelling. The visuals complement the message well with the flashing images of crypto coins dispersed throughout the ad. 

Snapchat is also an excellent platform for experimenting with different ad formats and getting immediate feedback from your audience in real-time. This makes it an ideal place for large crypto companies like to test out new formats, allowing them to find unique ways to stand out from the crowd and get people excited about their product.

With these tips, you are now armed with the insights necessary to boost performance on ads that you test cross-platform. 

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