Time for Smart Growth

Digital has become the primary channel every company in the world must utilize to win. Digital can be used as the lead hitter or the closer. When you look at your Sales Structure Pyramid, you’ll see that it has evolved with digital as the base. Direct, Indirect, and Partnerships, build upon it so that you test the bottom to improve the top.

Digital is not only a marketing and branding tool; it should be looked at as a part of your sales process, lead generation, and part of your DNA. Speed to market and adaptability are mission critical. The creative process of testing and telling your story in different formats and ways at scale across digital channels will directly impact the success of other channels. Many organizations are using the wrong medium for the wrong audience, such as using direct sales to drive awareness. Today, you must rethink your approach and strategy.

The creative testing process is directly linked to sales and you can accelerate growth utilizing a “Creative Sales” process.

First, it’s important to address the major shifts that have changed the sales landscape:

  • Traditional sales methods no longer work. 
  • Less office space / remote work led to outbound phone calls being ineffective. Fewer office phone lines and the intrusiveness of being called on a cell phone.
  • SPAM filters and security protocols are blocking outbound emails. Access to email addresses is now close to free, and the channel is overutilized. 

Growth at all costs in 2021 led to inflated organizations, and the air was let out with a decrease in capital flow in 2022. Now B2B leaders must do more with fewer resources.

Secondly, we can now take advantage of new technologies that enable digital access, which were previously not possible.

  • Improved Artificial Intelligence: Computer vision1 and AI-powered image and text enable real-time delivery of personalized messaging and experiences.
  • Emergence of new channels: Customers' attention spans are getting shorter and they are jumping between websites and applications. The cost to reach customers across all channels (Social, Connected TV, programmatic) is now achievable for all businesses.
  • Capability of personalization: Broadcast reached millions with the same message and tried to please them all. Narrowcast targeted a group with a tailored message. Personalization communicates individually, which is now possible at scale.
  • Attribution: Tracking of where leads/sales originated is now expected, and you can follow the customer journey across every touchpoint.

(1Computer Vision instantly analyzes digital images, video, and audio giving insights in to how  audiences react to advertising)

Let’s break this down. Here is a look at the numbers of how digital scales in comparison: 

  • Sales rep making direct phone calls:  30 calls/day x 20 business days = 600 calls; ~8 leads
  • Sales rep sending outbound emails:  25 emails/day x 20 business days = 500 emails; ~5 leads
  • New digital campaign for sales lead generation: 1M impressions (unique people viewing an ad) a month; ~400 leads

That’s with a small scale, now assume 100 sales reps and a sizeable digital budget:

  • Direct phone calls: 60,000 calls a month; ~800 leads per month
  • Direct emails: 50,000 emails a month, ~500 leads per month
  • Digital campaign: 15M impressions, ~6,000 leads per month

See the drastic scale difference from a monthly budget of around $1M across the 3 methods? 

Next is realizing how you can empower a sales team to use digital to be the primary driver and enable other channels.

With digital, you catch customers that are coming to you. No SPAM filter or phone number block will stop them. Many of these customers are high intent and already searching for your product, like finding a needle in a haystack. How many needles are in 15M views? A lot more than 100K direct email or phone call outreaches.

Digital can retarget prospects that visited your website, follow your company on social media, or engage with your brand. You can retarget all your prospective customers with an amazing visual of your product/service through a digital advertisement. This can be seen anywhere: during your favorite Streaming TV show, while you are scanning Twitter or LinkedIn, reading on Reddit, or playing your favorite online game.

You set up your sales team for success. The process shifts to calling and emailing behind leads that come to you through digital. You can use the learnings from testing at scale to create materials for events and from what is leading to sales from the data.

You can then use a combination of retargeting with digital ads, automation, and human touchpoints to strategically move your customers through the buying process.

Testing a New Product or Product Market Fit

Earlier, a connection was formed between the creative process and selling. Imagine being able to test your messaging to your ideal customer profile at a huge scale and continually iterating your messaging weekly on what the data is telling you in real-time. 

Computer vision insights have changed advertising from an art to a science. You can quantify why things are working. You can tell your story in thousands of different ways personalized for each contact. You can easily improve week over week and use those learnings across other channels. Agile, precise, quick changes like a samurai sword as opposed to a dull knife.  Available to all businesses that take the leap.

Digital being used as the base for sales, allows you to nimbly test value propositions and ROI messaging with millions of prospective customers, and then you can use that data to arm your direct, indirect, and partnerships teams. You can create materials for events and customers from results that are actually working. Quicker data and more people seeing it will allow you to improve all aspects of sales!

You can launch in new markets in days, in the country's native language, and get immediate insight into if you can grow your business there.

When there are fluctuations in the market or changes in your industry you can simply turn up or turn down your budget without having to make sizable employee resource adjustments. Scalable.

Omneky’s Playbook to Creative Sales

Omneky has built a process to scale lead generation and sales through the power of AI. It’s a continual loop of analytics, feedback from computer vision, and AI-powered sales creative personalized for each customer profile and product. 

Dynamic elements of copy, images and video are combined for each person. Multilingual and multi-channel personalization is no longer a roadblock, but an asset to help you grow your business anywhere there is a potential fit.

The timing is now. All factors are leading to a time for Smart Growth, that is scalable, personalized, efficient, and reaches the masses.

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