Personalized Marketing Through Artificial Intelligence

Ad consumers, more than ever, seek personalized experiences across platforms. They want custom offers now with growing impatience. They want products and marketing that speaks to their unique identity. To match, marketers are shifting away from marketing automation toward a more personal, human approach.

To help revolutionize their approach toward the specific and persona-driven, Omneky wants firms and CMOs to know that they can gain newfound confidence through the mathematical certainty of AI. From describing and predicting ad success to prescribing campaign interventions, AI promises to lead the way in satisfying the hyper-personalization demanded by today’s consumer.

Bringing added confidence to previously intuitive practices of personalization, this post argues that AI-analyzed metrics will give desperately-needed certainty to marketers through a mathematical, solid basis to what was before just costly campaign guesswork. The certainty marketers feel will be echoed in the customer’s trust in personal brand offers.

Bringing Evidence to Instinct

Customers today demand unprecedented personalization. Brands need to know a consumer’s persona and preferences perhaps better than the consumer understands them themselves. As Nick Worth puts it, “The pressure is on for marketers to abandon the ineffective spray-and-pray method and focus on building individual relationships that deliver on unique interests and distribution preferences.”

To demonstrate, consider that of 7,000 polled customers, 74% said they expect to be treated as an individual rather than as a segment, such as a millennial, mother, or (even) marketer. As such, the marketer’s job is cut out for them as their audience grows from a single crowd of people satisfied with “spray-and-pray” to millions of individuals who want a personalized offer.

At the same time, data analysis is now more efficient than ever before. It is easier for content marketers and creatives to personalize the words and images they use to sell. They now know what to present and how to present it for the maximum return as AI turns from descriptive to prescriptive in its insights.

In order to meet the demand for personalization and the daunting growth of customer data, AI helps firms change the game. Rather than slicing and dicing through segments, they can personalize through limitless buyer personas for special and unique customer experiences of their brand.

The Omneky platform does just this. By reviewing historical campaign data for insights, Omneky can understand your customers needs and recommend enhancements to ads backed with mathematical certainty of success. The whole process begins and ends before even spending a single ad dollar, meaning you spend less on ads while receiving more customer engagement.

More Personalization, More Confidence

The shift is happening for firms who employ an intelligent tool for modeling personas, predicting campaign outcomes, and prescribing appropriate interventions in their creative. Their campaigns have greater adoption and build trust with consumers who feel spoken to, not at.

Marketers must not rely on their instinct when it comes to growing sets of hard performance indicators. Rather, to meet the demands of consumers, they must choose a tool that can help them hyper-personalize through a process of prediction and prescription. Customers will thank marketers for personalized experiences by engaging more with the advertisements and the companies behind those ads.

Demo Omneky to see how our AI can help you better personalize your ads and create deep customer trust, all before spending a dollar on ads.

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