7 Ways To Improve App Ads Performance Including a Free Testing Framework

As an app marketer, you know how challenging it is to run app campaigns across different channels while orchestrating creative and campaign testing. App advertising is becoming more complex with current IOS and pending Android limitations, however with the right tools and techniques you can achieve better results. In this post, we'll explore 7 ways to improve your app ad campaign performance using data-driven creative across the platforms you're advertising on.

  1. Create Data-Driven Creative: It is vital to use data from your ad performance to optimize your ad creative. Finding out which colors, text, subjects, and styles work best will continuously unlock more efficient results. With Omneky, you can analyze your ad performance data to determine which creatives are working, which ones aren't, and why! Using this information, Omneky’s team helps you optimize your creative strategy and improve conversion efficiency.
  2. Use Creative to Target Your Ads: With automated campaign formats like Universal App Campaigns (UAC) on Google and Automated App Campaigns on Facebook, manual targeting is not as important as it used to be. These automated campaigns almost always have better performance over time so it’s better to lean into the main lever that can improve results, the Creative. Developing creative that speaks to specific audience segments and distributing them within automated campaigns means the algorithms find the best user for that creative and effectively target them based on relevant content. Using creative to target is an essential testing architecture for app advertisers to maximize their results and learnings. 
  3. Try Different Optimization Goals: Installs, registrations, purchases/deposits (plus any long that in-app event funnel) are the main events you might optimize app campaigns for across channels. What event you optimize for can greatly change your campaign efficiency. It is a best practice to optimize for an event that occurs 80% of the time within 24 hours of your download so that IOS events can attribute accurately. You should consider where you are in your testing journey and what’s most important your goals. Optimizing for installs will bring in more users while registrations will result in fewer installs however they will likely be higher intent. It is best to run tests optimizing for each part of your customer acquisition funnel before deciding on your goals.
  4. Test Different Attribution Windows: All app advertisers are either looking to optimize for installs or for in-app events. Generally, you can attribute those on a 1-day click or 7-day click basis within each ad platform. If you have a signup event that takes place 80% within the first 24 hours it could be best to use 1-day click to avoid multiple channels taking credit for the user but if you have an in-app deposit for example where most occur within 7-days it is likely better to use 7-day click for attribution. Extending the attribution timeline for events can increase data for the platforms used for optimization which can be positive however it may also lead away from the higher intent users converting more quickly. It is a good idea to test different attribution windows and use your MPP to determine which has better user results.
  5. Leverage Different Ad Types: Most brands take advantage of both image and video formats, however within those there are additional subtypes that pose worthwhile tests. App advertisers are the most successful group on TikTok so far, though many brands aren’t carrying over that potential to Instagram reels for example. Testing TikTok-style content on a reels placement campaign is a great way to leverage content you are seeing success with across channels; even if TikTok isn’t working for you it is a valuable test to try reels if Meta is working well for you. 
  6. Cross-channel advertising: Don't limit yourself to one channel. Diversify your ad acquisition strategy as early as possible to maximize your ad efficiency and minimize your time to learn. Sometimes it is better to spend more budget in 3 months and learn than to spend the same budget over 6 months. Omneky’s team, plus our platform helps create and manage ads across multiple channels like Google, Facebook, TikTok, Reddit, and Snapchat.
  7. Create AI-Powered ad creative: There are many ways to create content with AI. Dalle can help create images and ChatGPT helps create copy. Omneky brings all of these technologies together enabling brands to create ad ideas backed by performance data and then quickly generate concepts. Omneky’s creator team then works with brands to create high-quality, brand-compliant finished ad creative. 

App advertising can be challenging, however with the right tools and techniques, you can achieve the best results possible for your brand. By leveraging data-driven creative, cross-channel advertising, and AI technology you can improve your ad campaign performance and achieve higher conversion rates. It’s essential to make your app advertising strategy data-driven and continuously optimize creative to achieve the best results. Omneky is the best solution for app advertisers with a set of software tools built to optimize creative, create AI content, orchestrate ad approvals, and an expert team with years of experience managing the challenges of app campaigns. Schedule a demo today to learn more!

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