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Founder, Hikari Senju’s Interview with “Let’s Talk Automation” Podcast

Did you know that 62% of small businesses fail with their Facebook advertising, and 47% of advertising performance is based on the ad creative?

I joined Avo Automation’s new podcast, “Let's Talk Automation,” to reveal the secrets of how Automation helps you win at your ad campaigns. At Omneky, we empower marketing teams to scale their ad campaign by creating personalized ads through Automation and AI.   Listen to the podcast on YouTube here and see some of our conversation below.

Q: How is personalization the stepping stone to winning at marketing?

A: With digital advertising becoming more sophisticated and competitive every day, personalization becomes the key to being seen and heard by your customers. The sole purpose of your business and the algorithms on social platforms is to keep the audience hooked. Personalizing ads helps achieve both.  

With automation platforms like Omneky, your marketing team can build 100,000s of ad creatives on the go and A/B test them to determine which one works the best. While this enables every team to gain an edge over its competitors, it explicitly strengthens small businesses' capabilities to compete with big brands that have a more significant market presence.  

Q: How does automation bolster personalization?

A: A/B testing is the DNA of marketers. Leveraging data to implement what works best is easier said than done – especially if we talk about minor changes. These could be anything from flipping the logo placement in the creatives to changing the color of the CTA button, or even something as simple as changing a singular noun to plural. While humans are equipped to do all of these, the repetitiveness of minor changes takes up a major chunk of the productive time.

AI-powered automation fights this redundancy for you by creating diverse creatives on the fly. It does so with precision and accuracy so your team can be assured of higher quality. With marketing intelligence penetrating deeper and spreading wider, days are not far when a product placement in VR and AR will be commonplace. What's more? It enables your team to focus on strategy and creativity to broaden the horizon.  

Q: Why are humans still crucial despite implementing automation?

A: Contrary to the popular myth that automation takes over people’s jobs, automation still has a fair share of catching up to do. Perhaps, there are many strategic tasks that automation should not replace – decision making, creativity, and innovation. Be it deciding the target audience, the messaging around an ad campaign, or the company's long-term strategic goals, automation can't handle these quite like a human can. 🥳.  

Humans continue to be the decision-makers and goal setters, while automation helps them achieve those goals at a faster pace and more reliably. From marketing to software development and various other fields, automation augments human productivity by allowing them to do more and add immense value.  

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