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Campaign Manager

All businesses have campaigns — whether they are for digital interactions, advertising, marketing, or even new products or services. Typically, a business will utilize a campaign manager to watch over these campaigns. That manager will be in charge of all of the campaign roles and responsibilities associated with the particular campaigns they are managing. These responsibilities typically include tasks such as planning, directing, coordinating, communicating with different teams, and managing lead generation. Sometimes companies will use the same campaign manager to manage many different types of campaigns rather than having a designated digital campaign manager and traditional ad campaign manager.

In essence, campaign managers are generally responsible for managing multiple campaigns across multiple platforms while adhering to a number of budgetary limits. While this approach tends to be effective for businesses with only a few campaigns running at any given time, the larger the business, the more challenging campaign management. On average, larger businesses have more campaigns running at any given time. These campaigns are typically a mixture of digital and traditional campaigns, and more often than not, there is more than one kind of traditional or digital campaign going on at once as well. This can make what seems like a typical ads manager position incredibly difficult to perform efficiently.

One of the most challenging aspects of campaign management is the need to utilize multiple platforms to manage multiple campaigns simultaneously. Luckily, with a tool like Omneky, your campaign managers can easily upload all digital assets into a single, easy-to-use platform. This digital asset management platform can make it easy to collaborate with other teams and members of your marketing and advertising teams as well as stakeholders. You can also publish new approved ads directly from your Omneky dashboard so all of your ads are automatically uploaded to the correct media library. Omneky also offers comprehensive analysis tools that help you to more effectively manage your campaigns and view performance, making managing your campaigns much easier.

Social Media Campaign Management

As mentioned above, your campaign managers may take care of different types of digital campaigns. Today, social media campaigns are typically the most popular type of digital marketing campaigns. However, like other types of ad management, social media ads management can be confusing and difficult to monitor. This is because businesses may have social media ads on a number of different platforms but not have individualized campaign managers to watch over only one platform. In other words, a business may have LinkedIn ads, Facebook ads, TikTok ads, and even Instagram ads, but they may only have a single campaign manager (or a small collection of managers) rather than a dedicated Facebook campaign manager and additional dedicated managers for the other social media accounts. This means that campaign managers must keep track of, plan for, and coordinate resources for many social media campaigns, from TikTok ad campaigns management to Meta ads management. 

One solution to campaign management being spread across several different platforms would be to bring in a dedicated LinkedIn ad campaign manager and a dedicated campaign manager for each social media account you have. However, this may not be a realistic approach for many businesses — especially those that do not have the ability to keep a number of campaign managers on staff. Luckily, having a dedicated Meta ads manager or TikTok ads manager is not the only way to easily manage your ad campaigns across all social media platforms your business uses. 

Using an AI ad tool like Omneky can be an excellent way to improve your overall ad creation process and view all campaigns and advertising projects in one view. This makes it easy for your campaign manager or team of managers to easily keep track of and coordinate all of your campaigns from one place. Not only can this cut down on time wasted tracking down information for each campaign on a separate platform, but it can also help you get better insights into your campaign performances. In the long run, this can help you better determine which areas of your marketing campaigns can be improved and how to do this.

Digital Ad Campaign Optimization

While managing campaigns over several different platforms is one of the largest challenges campaign managers face, it is not the only issue that a tool like Omneky can help with. In addition to providing valuable tools for campaign management — such as the single view dashboard of your campaign information and easy collaboration options — Omneky also uses AI technology and machine learning to improve digital ad performance. Omneky offers automated ad creation capabilities that can dramatically reduce the time your teams spend creating high-quality ads. By using data-driven insights to inform decisions, your team can focus more on your ad campaigns' strategic and innovative aspects rather than optimizing digital ads. 

By using Omneky to optimize pay-per-click (PPC) campaigns, as well as your social media ads and other marketing efforts, you can ensure that you are getting the right type of advertisement to the right audience. Because Omneky uses machine learning, it is always improving and learning from previous campaigns. Leveraging this AI with your expert marketing teams can be the ultimate recipe for success in creating innovative and engaging ads that actually appeal to your audience. Realistically, today, there is simply too much data to analyze and too many factors to consider to successfully create the best possible ad experience for your audiences without the help of an AI tool like Omneky. But, with the help of a tool, you can easily gain detailed insights and analytics, implement A/B testing, and create engaging personalized campaigns for specific audience segments.

Ad Management Tools

Because marketing campaigns are an important part of a business's overall customer engagement strategies, your campaign management team likely already has some tools to help streamline ad management. Unfortunately, many campaign ad management tools require a lot of manual effort and may have trouble spanning over different platforms. This can make managing your various campaigns extremely time-consuming and challenging. With better ad campaign management tools, like Omneky's AI ad tool, that can easily generate countless iterations of any particular ad to find the best fit for your customers, you can dramatically improve your ad management processes.

Whether you currently use specialized pay-per-click (PPC) management tools in conjunction with other campaign management tools or you have a more comprehensive tool that allows you to create ads of different types, Omneky's AI-powered tool offers a much more efficient method of creating your ads. This can help you save time and resources, allowing your expert marketing team to focus more of their time and energy on discovering new ways to create impactful and compelling ad campaigns. Omneky can also help you improve your audience targeting and discover overarching performance trends across all of your campaigns. These features can help you better understand your target audience and what they are looking for from your brand, which can help you determine what to include in future ad campaigns.

Centralized Ad Management

As mentioned earlier, one of the most challenging aspects of efficient campaign management is managing campaigns over a number of different channels and platforms. However, this challenge can be solved with a centralized ad management platform. Omneky offers this centralizing solution by offering cross-platform integrations so you can easily manage your campaigns from one location. Businesses can no longer rely on a single channel or platform for communicating with their customers, but that does not mean they should be unable to manage their ads and marketing campaigns from one space.

This centralization is the goal of a digital asset management platform, and Omneky provides this same centralized solution to ad management alongside its incredible AI ad creation services. This combination makes Omneky an excellent choice for businesses of all sizes and industries. With less time spent on creating individual ad campaigns due to Omneky's AI ad generation services, your teams can focus more of their efforts on determining how to best reach and engage your audience and stand out from the competition.

Ad Management Services

There are many options when it comes to managing digital ads and ad campaigns. Because of this, what works well for one business may not work well for your business simply because each company runs differently. Because of this, some tools may be better suited for some businesses than they are for others. For example, a digital campaign management platform may be an excellent solution for one business, but another business may succeed more with an AI tool that helps them create new ads using AI technology. 

Omneky can be a great solution for businesses of all kinds because it offers a mix of solutions that help businesses centralize their campaigns, get data-driven insights, and easily generate new ads for your campaigns. By using AI machine learning, Omneky can learn from the performances of previous ad campaigns and use that information to draft many iterations of new and personalized ads. Then, using data-driven insights, it can determine which of these iterations will be the best-performing with your audience so you can ensure that every ad you use will be received well.

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