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Digital Asset Management Library (DAM)

Jun 1, 2022

When it comes to managing digital assets, numerous fast-growing startups face the same challenge: finding assets quickly and easily among the clutter of content they have at their disposal.

At Omneky, we seek to eliminate these kinds of inefficiencies that may hinder your effort to scale ads. As part of that goal, we are excited to announce the launch of our new Digital Asset Management Library (DAM) tab on the Omneky platform.

We created the DAM to help improve the efficiency of your advertising. Here is how you do it:

Upload either single files or folders with the "Upload Assets" icon

Easily upload single files or entire folders at the click of a button. Click the "Upload Assets" icon on the dashboard, select the file you would like to upload, and our platform will directly sync your content. Are you uploading multiple assets? Now, you can upload a folder and its contents with just a couple of clicks. After clicking on the 'Upload Assets' icon, select the folder option and upload any existing folders of assets that you may have created.

Uploading assets to a centralized hub allows you to automate the workflows related to organizing content, increasing the usability of your assets. Omneky currently supports .jpg, .png, .tiff, .svg, .pdf, .mov, .mp3, and .mp4 as file types, so the majority of your assets should be compatible with the DAM library.

File types are automatically differentiated and moved to their respective sections.

Provide structure to your creative process with Omneky's ability to automatically categorize different file types. For example, when uploading a folder of different kinds of assets, all images will be moved to the "images" section, while all videos will be moved to the "videos" section. Our DAM consists of five sections that your assets can be separated into: brand guidelines, fonts, images, logos, and videos. Finding the exact asset you need for a specific project can be challenging when you have thousands of assets spread across multiple systems. Omneky's DAM categorizes assets so that it's easy for you to find the right assets for the task at hand while saving hours in the process.

Pin a file to priority assets

Omneky's DAM allows you to pin your most important assets as "priority" so that they are always at the top of the library dashboard. This feature is part of our goal to humanize user experience in the data infrastructure that we build. It's easiest to find something if you know where it is, and the priority assets tab ensures that your most valuable content is spotlighted. Additionally, this feature develops a valuable connection point between Omneky and clients, providing our designers and account managers with information on the brand's "must-use" assets for ads.

See all your approved ads in a single folder.

Our approved ads section provides clients with peace of mind, as they now have an easy method of tracking all of the ads they have approved from Omneky. As a result, there is a reduced risk of miscommunication between the two parties, as both clients and account managers can cross-reference the ads that ran with approved ones. Having approved ads in a centralized location is also beneficial to Omneky designers. These ads function as a frame of reference to designers on the kinds of ads that the client typically approves, reducing friction in the process of implementing client feedback and redesigning ads that were not initially approved.

Ultimately, Omneky is better equipped to deliver quality work with the new DAM library because we have direct access to our clients' creative assets. This allows us to better meet our clients' needs. In addition, our clients are able to use our DAM library to improve their marketing efforts.


Not only is Omneky better equipped to deliver quality work and better meet the needs of our clients with the new DAM library, but customers can also use the DAM library to improve their own marketing efforts. The DAM library is now available to all clients when they log into Omneky, under the Library tab!

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