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How robotic process automation (RPA) can drive enterprise productivity

Jan 26, 2023


The COVID pandemic of 2020 pulled the world 10 years into the future, pushing companies to streamline their processes through automation, according to Hikari Senju, founder and CEO of ad-tech platform provider Omneky. Widely anticipated recession will push RPA further into the spotlight, he maintains.

“The pandemic revealed that certain processes were unproductive and could be better automated through technology. Now, the impending recession of 2023 has forced companies into cost-cutting mode, resulting in an accelerated adoption of RPAs,” he told VentureBeat.

Senju said 2023 will be seminal for the field of RPA and the automation of the creative services sector. Like others, he sees the dawning of generative AI as a growth driver.

“Generative AI automates the human ability to recognize patterns from vast amounts of data and use those learnings to create content — whether text, imagery or soon-to-be video,” he said.

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